New M9A1 from Houston Gunshow

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Briley9, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Briley9

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    Update from last week's new member check in...

    Couple drops of Mobile1 and put another 200 rounds thru her this weekend - CCI Brass. Flawless so far. 1700 more to go before it becomes my HD/SD semi. At 10 yards, it's now POA = POI, am getting better with the trp sights.

    Q: For those who uses a Hogue Grip Sleeve, does it provide better control and help reduce felt recoil? Also, how's the fit on the slim MA1 grip?

    Q: How many rounds before the trigger gets a little smoother? Feels like ~3lb takeup and ~6lbs break...

  2. Syntax360

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    Welcome! This thread should help answer some of your questions regarding the slip-on grips. For me, it hasn't so much reduced felt recoil as allow me to to not have to adjust my grip every few rounds (especially after shooting for awhile). Plus, I always felt like the grip was a bit too thin and needed a bit more girth.

    I would expect the trigger to smooth out somewhere around a thousand rounds into it, but you can expedite the process if you wish by following BigTaco's Trigger Tune-Up Tutorial. I sent mine in to the man himself for the work and it definitely made a good thing even better. 8)