New M9A1 for a New Member

Discussion in 'New Member Check-In' started by Briley9, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Spent couple evenings reading thru the forums and jumped in - great info for a noob to Steyr... Thx!

    After field cleaning and oil, shot 100 rnds thru my M9A1 at 7 yards... POI is 1.5" low but it is grouping. Have to get used to the trp sights.

    CCI Alum had several empties left in the chamber, but CCI Brass ran flawless (saw the post regarding alum, but I do shoot CCI alum in my 9's). Am surprised on the nice fit/finish and tightness of the M9A1 at its price. The slide to frame fit is very good. Almost as good as some of my 1911's and that's saying a lot. Trigger has a ~6lb clean break but not as smooth as my G17, G34, & G35. Of course, I have several k rnds thru each of them. Hope the M9A1 will be as smooth after 1k rnds...

    Q. I tried to click on to the Guide Rod link but got a 'site not found message'. Want to buy a Steel GR. Also, can I order couple Lever Spring (#13) from anywhere.

    Will update after detail cleaning and 1000 round.

    It's a keeper - PLEASANTLY Surprised.

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