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New M9 Range Report 06-13-05

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Hello All,

I am new to the forum as well as new to Steyr handguns. I purchased a M9 NIB yesterday from Gander Mountain in Spring Texas, it came with 1 14 round magazine but lacked the warrenty card for some reason. As it was the display model (only one they had left) I can only guess where the 2nd magazine and the warrenty card went to. I paid $349.00 plus tax for the pistol.

Went to the range today as soon as I got home from work and had a very positive experience. I took 200 rounds of PMC 115 Gr FMJ ammo and two targets and headed to the 10 yards line and loaded the magazine with 14 rounds. Having never used the type of sightiing system the pistol has I was unsure of how I was to align the sights but I took my best guess and fired my first round from the Steyr....took a look down range, then looked again and...... bullseye. Now that seemed pretty good to me and I proceded to let all 200 rounds down range, some more bullseyes, alot more around the bulleyes. Not FTFs or FTEs, no problems at all, using both hands, right hand and left hand the gun just worked. Very nice pistol all around. Consider me a Steyr fan....$200 less than the Glock 17 I went to put in layaway and to boot I got to take it home the same day unlike the Glock I was eyeing. Any ways just wanted to say ....damn glad to be here....I do have a few things to ask of everyone.

1. Is the hot cases whacking me in the top of my mellon after they are ejected from the gun normal?...If it is I can live with it.
2. How does the finish on the slide hold up over time and wear? Glock like I hope.
3. Seeing how that problems are already around when dealing with parts and such what extra parts should I try to get now, what will wear out and need replacing, recoil spring? extractor srping? or????
4. How does the S model shoot compared to the M model, I would like to look at getting one to replace my Glock 27 as my everyday CCW pistol.
5. How exactly am I suppose to line up the sights on the Steyr? I like the system but I am not sure I am using it correctly.
6. Is a good company to order from? I have had trouble with some online dealers when ordering for my H&K P7 PSP and would like to avoid anymore.

Thanks in advance for all the help,
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Any steyr day in Houston better be planned around my days off :wink:
Or at least far enough out in advance that I can request off.
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