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    Hello All,

    I am new to the forum as well as new to Steyr handguns. I purchased a M9 NIB yesterday from Gander Mountain in Spring Texas, it came with 1 14 round magazine but lacked the warrenty card for some reason. As it was the display model (only one they had left) I can only guess where the 2nd magazine and the warrenty card went to. I paid $349.00 plus tax for the pistol.

    Went to the range today as soon as I got home from work and had a very positive experience. I took 200 rounds of PMC 115 Gr FMJ ammo and two targets and headed to the 10 yards line and loaded the magazine with 14 rounds. Having never used the type of sightiing system the pistol has I was unsure of how I was to align the sights but I took my best guess and fired my first round from the Steyr....took a look down range, then looked again and...... bullseye. Now that seemed pretty good to me and I proceded to let all 200 rounds down range, some more bullseyes, alot more around the bulleyes. Not FTFs or FTEs, no problems at all, using both hands, right hand and left hand the gun just worked. Very nice pistol all around. Consider me a Steyr fan....$200 less than the Glock 17 I went to put in layaway and to boot I got to take it home the same day unlike the Glock I was eyeing. Any ways just wanted to say ....damn glad to be here....I do have a few things to ask of everyone.

    1. Is the hot cases whacking me in the top of my mellon after they are ejected from the gun normal?...If it is I can live with it.
    2. How does the finish on the slide hold up over time and wear? Glock like I hope.
    3. Seeing how that problems are already around when dealing with parts and such what extra parts should I try to get now, what will wear out and need replacing, recoil spring? extractor srping? or????
    4. How does the S model shoot compared to the M model, I would like to look at getting one to replace my Glock 27 as my everyday CCW pistol.
    5. How exactly am I suppose to line up the sights on the Steyr? I like the system but I am not sure I am using it correctly.
    6. Is a good company to order from? I have had trouble with some online dealers when ordering for my H&K P7 PSP and would like to avoid anymore.

    Thanks in advance for all the help,
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    congrats and welcome :D

    glad you like your pistol as much as we do.

    ejection patterns will settle down over time as pistol breaks in, but we recomend a extractor take-down and cleaning. ther is a pictorial walkthrough for this on this site. Yours could've been sitting for two years and have gunked up factory lube in the extractor channel.

    finish is good, all steel is tennifer treated like the glocks! the finish is actualy just paint, and there have been three different finishes used depending on your serial number range and production date. Some owners have sripped/polished off the finish on things like extractor, magazine release, slide release to expose the steel and have had no rust issues as the treatment is into the metal itself. Also one thing you might not have known is the entire action is removeable from the frame and no metal is embedded into the polymer like the glocks.

    my m/s are different calibers so i can't directly compare, but some prefer the balance of one or the other, losing the 1/2" of barrel makes almost no difference in accuracy except maybe from a bench rest at 50+ yards. Steyr has always hung their hat on accuracy and is known as making soime of the most accurate sniping and hunting rifles in the world (and winning the medal race in '04 olympics w/ their air pistols).

    the only time i ordered anything from usasteyr it was fast and smooth, I don't know what parts are currently availible or from whom, things have been in flux for a couple of weeks, but i doubt the company that just set up their own new import center is going to let the repair/warranty center troubles (it was contracted out and the guy quit) last for TOO long.

    You should not need any parts for at least 20k+ rounds though unless you do like some of us and send a spring/clip/widget of some kind flying off into the ether during a complete teardown and major cleaning.

    I would say line the sight up EXACTLY like your first shot :lol: or try shooting it from the bench and find your poa/poi. If you center the triangle so the top point is directly even w/ the top of the outside bars and centered horizontaly you got it. Point should just intersect target, unless you anticipate, then cover your target :?

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    Good Info....

    Thanks for the quick info....good to have a source that not only knows but is willing to share with the new guy! I will try the extractor breakdown on Wednesday and see if that helps the noggin knocking extracing of hot brass! Any way there is a gun show on the 3rd of July locally and I am thinking of seeing if I can trade my Glock 27 for the Steyr S Model.....Hmmmm...I like the Glock though.....but then I can always find a replacment Glock 27 to buy....maybe not on the Model S.....Hmmm what to do...what to do......I also have A Beretta 9000S in .40 I could trade instead of the Glock....Aghhhhh....Well I guese I will go and see what happens.

    I do wish the handguns I really enjoy shooting would not be so hard to find parts, service and goodies to go along with them. I have a hard time getting things (holsters, magazines etc....) for my HK P7 and now I think I will have the same issues with the M9....oh well it will be worth it.

    You spoke of dates...where could I find the date that my pistol was born? Is there a website with that info? I would guess it would be by Serial number. Is there any thing else that I should know about this model? Any precautions or such?

    Thanks again for the info on the earlier post...

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    Re: Good Info....

    Ditto. But around here we just take that to mean we're not sheep.

    dates are stamped in a clock like symbol on the inside of the frame near the front. It is date of frame casting, not final assembly, but it's close enough.
  5. Welcome to the Elite.

    You now are the owner of a pistol that was and remains a quantum leap in firearm design. Beautifully engineered and manufactured with percision by Austrians who know their trade well. The Steyr M-series was what the Glock should have become in every respect...ergonomic, supported chamber, solid metal frame, metal magazine, and a revolutionary trapezoid sight system designed for quick acquisition of targets while improving accuracy. In short, the Steyr M-series are worth their weight in gold and for the price are an unbelievable value.

    You've already been given excellent advice, but I'd like to reinforce that the extractor removal and polishing is important as well as maintenance of this firearm. The M-series does require more maintenance and upkeep than a Glock as it is built to tighter tolerances and has slightly more parts, but if maintained well it is a superior firearm. In addition, you will need to take great care in using only quality ammunition as Steyrs tend to reject brands such as Wolf for instance (again tighter tolerances).

    Accessories really aren't too difficult to find if you don't mind ordering off the internet. A whole thread on this website is devoted to holsters.

    As for parts, Steyr is making a massive marketing move and distribution set-up here in the United States very soon. Absence of service right now is just a hiccup to what will be a very great thing for anyone who owns a Steyr Mannlicher product come 2006 or sooner.

    In closing, know that you are part of the Steyr brotherhood now and as such everyone on here will be available to help you out with any questions and problems because we know you'll do the same for us. You're part of the Elite now of pistol owners who not only know what Steyr is, but own one and can attest to it superior performance.

    Safe shooting.
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    Good Stuff!

    Thanks for the warm welcome....glad to know that help is always near. I guess I do tend to go with brands that are not the most popular. I mean I have 3 Apple computers, including the one I am typing this on...again what I feel to be a "better" option for me but not so popular when compared to Windows based machines.

    I do have a Glock and it is a fine firearm, I also have a Taurus .44 Spl which is also a well built firearms. both popular brands. My P7 is my favorite pistol but this Steyr is growing on me quickly, and both of these I do not mind searching for parts and service for. They do not make pistols like the P7 anymore due to the cost and such, mine is a German Police trade in and most likely 20+ years old but is in excellent shape and it shoots like a dream, I thought it was new when I first handled it. Damn those Germans can make a fine product. The Steyr is much more modern of course and does look strange even by new handgun standards but to hold one is to quickly understand that it is function over style, this is a pistol that was designed for use in the real wolrd by skilled craftsmen.

    The fact that it can not sell well even though it is a fantastic product brings back memories of the late 1980s and early 1990s. I was not using Apple computers back then but Commodore Amiga computers. These were without a doubt the best designed, most advance computers on the home PC market. Better in ever catagory that their rivals. Did it sell, no. The computer had a very loyal group of users but Commodore could not market ice water in Hell. Their attempts to mass market it were very poor and lead to the Amiga line and then Commodore itself going belly up, not for poor product but for poor marketing. I would hope Steyr would not make the same mistake Commodore did. I would look at the Springfield XD which while a fantastic product from what I have heard does not seem as well designed or as well made as the Steyr. The XD seems to be giving Glock a little run for it's money as of late, I hope the Steyr can get into the race also.

    If I am reading the date code correctly 11/01 was the date of creation of my M9.

    Glad to hear that Steyr is not giving up on the U.S. market, really good to know that. I still plan on going to a gun show in early July to see if I can swing a good trade for my Beretta 9000s in .40 plus some cash for a M40, S9 or even a second M9.

    I guess the best thing I can say about Steyr is that the M9 has taken it place in my quick access safe as the only loaded firearm in my house, the gun I would use if I ever had to defend home and family. The firearm I trust not only my life too but that of my wife and 3 kids. Biggest compliment I can give any firearm.

    Sorry for rambling on so......

    Again thanks for the welcome, help and info.....

    Brandon :D
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    Ruggles, Congratulations on your purchase and on joining the group. This is the only place for Steyr information at this time. Great group of people with a lot of knowledge of the Steyr pistols.

    If you live in the Spring area, you are welcome to join us at a practice session. My wife and I both shoot Steyrs and would welcome you at one of our frequent sessions. PM me if you are interested.

    We are also toying with the idea of setting up a Steyr only day this fall in the Houston area and inviting anyone who wishes to attend.
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    Sping...oh yeah...

    Small world....not only do I live in Spring (Postwood right off of Cypresswood about 1.5 miles from Carter's Country) but I grew up in Spring.

    My work has me always running odd hours but I would like to get together to shoot and having a Steyr day in Houston would be great!

    I have been shooting as of late at Sportman Paradise in Humble as they are much more willing to let defensive pistol be shot as they were designed to be shot, quickly. Carter's Country is very very picky about rapid fire, as in they simply do not allow it. Heck they will not even let me use my own paper targets I purchased at Gander Mountain, I have to purchase their's to use. Gander Mountain is also where i purchased my M9, got the last one!

    Sportman's Paradise even has a Defensive Pistol club that meets and shoot monthly from what I understand. I plan to look into that also.

    Anyways thanks for the invite I look forward in taking you up on it.

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    Any steyr day in Houston better be planned around my days off :wink:
    Or at least far enough out in advance that I can request off.
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    Ruggles, We have a very active group a near the Woodlands that gets together on Wednesday evening, most Saturdays, and every Sunday to practice and compete. Let me know if you are interested and we can make it happen.

    Madecove, best way to make it happen on your day off is to get you in on the planning effort. PM me and we can get in contact and set a date. There are quite a few Steyr shooters in Houston and elswhere in Texas. We can set a date and even give the non-Texas contingent an opportunity to sample our hospitality.