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New M9 owner

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Just brought my M9 home and I'm very impressed with it. I've had Glocks before and (as you all know) this is a much more substantial and much better made weapon. Looking forward to getting it to the range and seeing what it can do. I've discovered that my 14 round mags actually hold 15 added bonus :p Am I hurting the spring, the follower or the magazine itself by putting the extra round in? I haven't read the manual +p ammo OK to use in this gun? I took the extractor out and cleaned out the channel it sits in. Wasn't that dirty but it couldn't hurt to clean and lube it. Hopefully I can get it to the range in the next day or two. If not, I'll be out of town for two weeks. It'll be hard to stay away from my new toy that long.
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is +p ammo OK to use in this gun?

Good question, check out my response I posted today to a similar inquiry. ... opic&t=524
The Styer manual does not say anything about not shooting +p or +p+.
Most manuals will specifically state NOT to shoot such ammo if the manufacturer feels it is not recommended.
I wouldn't place 15 rounds in a magazine designed to accomodate only 14 as this will invite jamming or failures to feed (FTF). If you really feel the need to have that extra round I would:

1. Load the Magazine with 14 rounds.

2. Properly seat the magazine and then chamber the first round with the safety on.

3. Remove the Magazine from the pistol and load another round into the magazine.

Now you'll have 14 rounds in the magazine and 1 in the chamber for a total of 15 rounds without risk of FTF. Another important thing to keep in mind is to never load a round through the top of the chamber, but instead always chamber a round directly from the magazine. Otherwise, you'll risk a Failure to Eject (FTE).

I'm sure you already know the above and was just thinking how cool it would be to have that extra round in the magazine, but I wouldn't risk any type of malfunction with my Steyr and you shouldn't risk it with yours. WELCOME TO THE STEYR BROTHERHOOD AND SAFE SHOOTING.
Load the 15 rounds, shoot the mag through the gun enough times to trust it. Then you will have 16 rounds instead of 15.

Of course thats just my opinion I could be wrong.
14+1 is the ticket. Just for shooting at the range, loading the 15 into the mag wouldn't hurt the spring and follower for the short period of time you'll have the extra round in there. But storing or carrying your mags with 15 rounds is not a good idea.

You can shoot and practice and get comfortable with 15+1 but you know how tight it is to get that 15th round into the magazine. You know how hard it is to fully seat that mag into the gun with 15 rounds in it. I know I'll never be comfortable with it if my life depended on it. Not much play there for the slide to come back over that 15th round. You're risking a FTE (which some Ms are already risky for) that will likely lead to a double feed which will take you out of the fight for about 1.5 seconds if you've practiced and are good at clearing it. Much longer if you didn't. Most gun fights, if you're unlucky enough to not be able to avoid it, average 4 rounds. Hate to be out of the fight after the first shot with a full mag still in the gun.
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every time I've tried cramming 15 into my 14rnd mag it doesn't chamber properly. Even though I can cram that round in there it doesn't sit quite right.

These are 14 round mags.

If you can do it at the range great, but i wouldn't trust it.
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