New M9 owner...Need HELP on holster choice...

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Guest, Nov 3, 2005.

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    Hi guys, I am new to this board and just ordered a m9 from CDNN today. I shoot IDPA and I am looking for a Kydex paddle holster. Who has the least expensive,decent quality and in stock holster at this time? I have read alot of the links and other posts/threads and cannot make up my mind. I would not mind the Fobus brand but it looks as if it only fits the "S" model. Thanks for any help in advance... Jerod
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    No one is going to have them in stock as the M series is a discontinued firearm

    In Kydex for a paddle there are really only two decent choices
    Blade Tech (6 week delivery)

    Comp-Tac about a week, possible custom holster charge.

    I use the Comp-Tac paddle for my M and it is great, secure on the belt. Concealable, excellent retention.

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    Blade Tec must be really busy. I've been waiting closer to 8 weeks for mine :( There are a ton of options in the holster section....custom, but worth the money.....
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    Thanks for the help guys! Jerod