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I already owned an S40, and when I heard that CDDN was down to their last M9s, I couldn't help myself. But hey, at least I didn't pay for it with plastic! I like the 9mm round a lot and don't think I would ever feel undergunned with it, so this seemed like a good purchase.

Just got back from the indoor range for the first time with the M9. I shot about 100 rounds of Remington FMJ through it without any problems (except for my rather pitiful marksmanship!). It is quite docile compared to the S40, and I was able to reacquire sight picture much faster.

On a side note, I had the first failure of any kind with the S40. It did not properly feed a round even though it ejected the previous round just fine (I think it was number 5 or 6 in the magazine -- not sure, since my friend was shooting it), resulting in somewhat of a stovepipe. After he cleared it, it went through another 50 or so rounds just fine. I've never put Remington through this gun before, only Winchester WB, so perhaps that is the culprit. The extractor is also quite dirty. In fact, I'm about to clean it up.

Anyway, just wanted to convey another positive experience with a new Steyr. Take care, everyone.
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