new M9 conversion kit fr CDNN Rocks !

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by nixon, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. nixon

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    Just shot my M9 conversion kit for the first time and it rocks ! First 10 rounds used the original guide rod with Speer Lawman 115 gr. This ammo is on the hot side. Then, switched to Big Taco's stainless steel rod and guess what happened ? The gun shoots even better because it functioned smoother, consistent slide return to battery that gets you that precious fraction of a second faster sight alignment. Oh by the way it was flawless out of 100 rounds. Haven,t shot a 9mm for a decade nevertheless, I was able to get the feel and adjust to it fast. Ejection pattern was almost perfect to the right and slightly behind me about 10-12 feet away. It was even better than my M40A1 extraction pattern. Recovered most of my brass. The trigger feels a little harder than my M40a1 and there is some stacking just like when I first got my M40A1. I understand that's how it is with striker fire system unlike 1911, the trig mech is all located on the lower receiver that no matter what caliber you put on top will have the same trig pull. I know it will smoothen after 600-700 rounds. I'm one happy camper .

    Hey, BT, you rock ! thanks for that beautiful stainless rod you made.

  2. opto_isolator

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    Is there a link for this conversion kit? How much??

  3. Wulf

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    Hi Guys :)

    As of last Friday, there were only 2 M40 Conversion Kits left in stock at CDNN...and no more expected. *sigh* Good luck gettin' 'em. Anybody else runs across some more, post ASAP. Thanx in advance. :)

    Wulf <-- still waitin' on the S357 Conversion Kits to surface :shock:
  4. heavymetalmachine

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    You and me both :wink:
  5. babj615

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    48 much would one of these 'kits' be worth?????

    8) 8)
  6. steveinaz

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    Very cool! They bring a .357Sig kit out, I'll be all over it.

    QUESTION: The ejector did not need to replaced?
  7. nixon

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    no need for a new ejector. The steyr M &S series was cleverly designed for this type of inter-changeability. Actually my m40a1 ejector was perfect for the 9mm top end conversion kit. Ejection was very positive.

    I f you want a 357 conversion (I m assuming you have a 40) all you need is a 357 sig barrel and extra mags if you want to have dedicated mags for 357.

    Let's wait for WULF to make an announcement regarding price for 357 sig barrel purchase from IGB.

  8. platform

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    not available anymore?

    I am new to the board.
    I am basically interested in Steyr m1a in .40 and currently comparing it with
    SIG 2340 (or SIG 2022) used -- as I want to have one pistol that supports
    more than 1 caliber (.40 and 9mm and if possible .357 SIG)

    After all my searches I found that there is a possibility of doing it with the Steyr,
    but I have to get a kit . I called CDNN and they do not have it.

    I wanted to ask members of this board -- if there are other places who might have that kit.
  9. Netfotoj

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    Re: not available anymore?

    The .40 and 9mm conversion kits at CDNN mysteriously appeared from parts unknown and sold out quickly. There are no more in the known universe, or at least nobody here at the club has been able to find any more anywhere.

    As for converting calibers, you can swap out barrels from .40 to .357 Sig with Steyr and Sigs and I'm sure other pistols, but to change a 40 to a 9, or vice versa, you have to have a different slide/barrel and magazines. There probably are pistols that allow that, but EAA Witness is the only one I know of.
  10. platform

    platform New Member

    Thank you for a quick reply. It is unfortunate that the kits are gone,
    Steyr could have made even a better value proposition with if they
    would have made kits readily available.

    Yes, I am very familiar with EAA witness.

    In addition to Sig Pro, Glock 20 is 'multicaliber' in my understanding
    (10mm, 40 S&W -> same mag different barrels,
    9mm -> G17 mag, conversion barrel
    .357 sig -> conversion barrel, not sure about the mag)
    Glock 22 can support 9mm conversion barrel, in one place I read that
    .357 conversion barrels for Glock 22 are not recommended (but I have
    read it one place only).