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New M9-a1

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I almost did not get this pistol because of all the problem threads posted here.
My M9 is 100% reliable after 200 rds fired out of the box and will group 3"@25 yds.
highly recommended.
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Hiya copper :)

Welcome ta The Club, Bro! :thumbsup:

Its nice ta hear from Club Bros when they appreciate what they got.

Feel free ta keep us in the loop with what ya gotta say, that's what we encourage here.

Hava great weekend, Bro. :)

Wulf <-- goin' back ta his TV show :popcorn:
welcome to the club
my original M9 and M40 had tough mag springs and the guns ran fine though had to load less 2 rounds till the mags got broke in other than that great guns. with good ammo these guns can shoot out to 50 yards if you do your part.
Welcome to the club! Steyrs are great guns!
Hell Yeah!! 1000+ rounds through mine with never one malfuction.

Sent from my SGH-I747M
hope to take it out again
this is a great shooter


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Well shot Copper!
Another nice day at the range. The M9 ate S&B,Speer,Win white box,Rem 147 HP,my Power pistol reloads and some horrid local manuf. reloads. I say horrid, because I have had 3 case failures(KBs!)with my Glock and Kahr...not with the M9. I attribute this to the better supported case. It takes little effort to produce good groups. So probably 400 rds, 0 malfs, super accurate.
My early M9 has ate everything that I've fed it and a lot of it consisted of Tula. Never a malfunction. It's an amazing weapon
Good to hear that! My new M40-A1 has been perfect also. Cheers.
Love my M9-A1.
I have run over 1,200 rounds (5 different brands) and never a FTE, FTF, or a problem with accuracy. I ran into the Steyr guy at the NRA Show in Houston and after showing him the spent casing burns (2) on my neck; he sent me a new extractor assembly. I put it in myself last night and plan on checking it out tonight at the range. Except for dodging spent casings it is one of my two favorite carry handguns and completely realiable as a Concealed Carry. I love this gun so much that if this fix doesn't fix it; I will turn it over to my favorite local gunsmith to work some magic on it in his shop. I can shoot a 2"-3" goup from a full clip at 15 yards at a rapid pace and my hand never tires and my aim doesn't fail. For me, rapid target aquisition with the trapizoidal sights is true. Besides, my police friends tell me the new Gen 4 Glocks are doing the same thing, (spent casings in the face). Nothing against the Glocks; but after shooting the M9-A1 I prefer the Steyr. BTW- my other favorite carry is a XD-9 Sub Compact with Pearce finger extension for the magazines.
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