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Made it to the range today, even in the 116* F heat (just had to try out my new Steyr). :)

Tried 3 different 9mm ammos - CCI Blazer aluminum 115gr, Independence 115gr, and WWB 147gr - a box of each.

150 rounds later had zero issues - brass thrown to the right like it's supposed to, and amazed at the accuracy of this pistol.

Muzzle flip is less than my P99C, but I expected that. :) That seems to make follow-ups quicker as the front sight doesn't jump around as much.

I'm somewhat disappointed in the trigger's HEAVY pull, it didn't seem like the advertised 5.5# at all. That's my only complaint. Does this get better with use, or is there something else I can do? OTOH, the reset was very nice and easy to feel.

Love the ergos and general pointability of the Steyr. If the trigger were better, it'd be perfect. :D

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Hi, LH2,

You got a winner. I've had my M9A1 for a little over a month. At the beginning, I thought the trigger pull was a bit inconsistent, but not particularly heavy. With about a third of my trigger pulls, it felt like the trigger was sticking at the start of the pull. I had to apply a lot of pressure just to get it moving. But now after 648 rounds through the barrel and probably a thousand dry fires, the trigger is much smoother. I think you just need more range time. Don't we all. Later,

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let the parts wear in and report back in another 800 or so rounds.

Dry firing while watching TV or etc will accelerate this too, just make sure to use all the dry fire safety precautions (no live ammo in room, pointed in safe direction, triple check weapon is empty)
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