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New member here. I purchased my first pistol a couple weeks ago, a 2013 M9-A1, from Trellix Tactical. First off, the customer service at Trellix is fantastic; smooth transaction, timely shipping. I'll surely make my next purchase there.

More importantly, the M9-A1 is really fantastic. The ergo is amazing and I love the sights. I'm a new shooter (only been to the range 3 times total, firing .45, .22, and 9mm). But the first time shooting the Steyr, I had very tight groupings at 7 and 10 yds and was managing to stay on an 8-inch target at 15 yds, which is quite good for me. Much better than I've managed at those distances with other 9mm pistols. Once I break my bad habits, I'm sure I'll tighten the groupings at 15 yds as well.

I cleaned and oiled her, then worked the slide back and forth a few dozen times at home, before putting 400 rds FMJ through it over two days (350 rds Blazer Brass 124 gr, 50 rds American Eagle 115 gr). Zero failures of any kind using three different 10 rd mags.

I'll report back after I put another 4-500 through her. But so far, I couldn't be happier with this pistol.
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