New M9-A1 GTG?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by glock29guy, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. glock29guy

    glock29guy New Member

    I thought about picking up an M9-A1 a few years ago, but held off because of the problems I was reading about. Mostly FTF and ejection issues. I haven't read about any problems in a while. Are the new manufacture M9-A1s good to go?
  2. krypplephyte

    krypplephyte New Member

    Any M9-A1 old or new with an updated extractor shouldn't give you any problems.

    Just give it a good clean and lube before shooting it out of the box and it will give you no issues.

    The only real disadvantage to owning a Steyr is the absolute lack of any accessories.

    I have been scouring the internet for an IPSC holster and/or a carbine kit for my M9A1 for a year and keep coming up empty.