New M9-A1 and range report

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    I picked up my new M9A1 yesterday. I bought it from a dealer on Gunbroker for $365 (he said this was a special price on the one gun only; his price has since gone up about $30 or more) and with shipping and transfer it came to just under $400. I field stripped and cleaned it that afternoon.

    Before disassembly, I noted there is no side-to-side play of the slide relative to the frame and it's obvious the build quality is very high. I've owned a Sigpro 2022, H&K P2000 and various Glocks and the Steyr is probably best compared to the H&K or Sigpro rather than a Glock in terms of fit and apparent strength. I don't know whether the frame material is different from that used on Glocks but the Steyr frame does seem stronger and is very similar to the stout Sigpro frames

    Today at the range I fired 260 rounds:

    80 Federal American Eagle 124gr FMJ
    80 Federal American Eagle 115gr FMJ
    50 Precision Delta 147 FMJ (my usual IDPA load until I start reloading)
    50 Winchester Ranger 147gr JHP (RA9T)

    I started with the 124gr and had no problems at all in the first 50 rounds. I switched to 115gr and had a FTE on about round 15 (about 65 rounds in). After that, there were no other problems with any ammunition. The slide failed to lock back twice but I tend to have a very high grip and I have really long thumbs. I'm sure the problem was caused by my thumb

    I shot 20 rounds through my well worn G17 for comparison but stopped there. I put it down preferring instead to concentrate on the M9. The grip angle really lends itself to getting on target quickly. I couldn't draw from a holster but shots from low ready at a good pace were very effective. 3 of my first 4 shots slow fire from about 7 yards were touching.

    I've read a lot of mixed comments on the sights. I found them very fast and very easy to use. Just put the point of the triangle where you want the round to go and with proper trigger technique it's there. After some more time behind them I'm sure I'll like them even better. I'm especially interested in seeing how they point at the fairly large center ring on an IDPA target

    The trigger felt like it was between 5 and 6 pounds. It wasn't gritty at all and the reset seemed comparable to that on a Glock. I would prefer it to be a pound or so lighter and the reset to be a bit more distinct but it's certainly not a problem the way it is now. I imagine it will get smoother with use

    I have long, thin hands and the grip felt very good. Dry firing at home was very comfortable but after 100 rounds or so I felt the gun moving a bit. This was probably the the result of poor technique as I was getting used to the new grip. Still, I think I need to fill it out a bit more so I'm going to try a Hogue tool grip.

    Most magazines didn't drop free after the last round at slide lock but things are still working in so I expect that to clear up with use

    While doing reloads with snap caps at home I was somewhat disappointed that the mag well isn't more "flared" but once the top of the mag is inserted it isn't going anywhere but in so this isn't a problem that can't be solved with practice

    I've been shooting almost nothing but my G34 for the past 2 years (I primarily shoot IDPA) and the Steyr really does seem to handle better for me in the short time I've been shooting it. I thought the shorter barrel might affect my accuracy after having a 5" barrel and corresponding long sight radius to 'lean on' for so long but the vast majority of shots in IDPA are close and given proper technique I'm sure I can be every bit as accurate with the Steyr. I know a lot of guys who are picking up S&W M&Ps for IDPA and the Steyr should compete very well. I thought about an M&P for a short time but it isn't "different enough" from a Glock for me to buy one. In my opinion, this isn't true of the Steyr, however

    I read a lot before buying about the Steyr M9 and I'm glad I bought one. I'm already thinking of picking up a second as a backup and for training classes, etc.
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    Congrats on your good taste cyberiad.

    I'll be keen to hear how you get on in competition with the wee beasty. I'm looking at using mine for IPSC once I can source all the extras. As you say it should be speedy on the close-in stuff, and accurate on the far stuff.


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    Congrats. Your M9 sounds just like mine out of the box, except I've never had any stoppages from day 1 (I keep my thumbs horozintal when gripping).
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    Hiya cyber* :)

    Welcome ta The Club. :)

    If that persists or gets worse, I would think the mag springs a bit sus. :shock: It happens. :roll: Anyway, be safe and have fun. :)

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    Make sure you clean the mags because they have this thick goop on um :shock: ....I don't like the M&P's the trigger is too clunky....
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    Yes. I found that Ed's Red was the best solvent I had for the goop/oil on the mags. Hoppes just didn't do it.