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    I am new here with my recent purchase of a second hand M40 A1. I went to a local gun show about 4 weeks ago, just browsing. I took my Taurus Model 605 357 Magnum Revolver just in case. Well, long story short, found a dealer with a Steyr and instantly loved it. :D Had a hard time pulling myself away from the table to look at anything else. Once I went around and saw everything, I went right back to him. He had it for $400 out the door. But, lucky me :lol: , his brother in-law was helping run his booth and his wife and daughter both carried revolvers and the daughter was looking for a new one with a shrouded hammer. Like sold to him on the spot, found ATM before someone else could make an offer, and walked out with my M40 A1 for only $200 out the door!! Woo-hoo!!!!

    Sorry, I'm still excited. Anywho, took it out to the range the next day with 100 rounds of Win. 165 FMJ. Well my luck apparently run out because I only got 50 rounds in before I got a phone call from family, pulling me away from the range. :( But it felt amazing when I was shooting!! I instantly knew that this was what I had been looking for. I became addicted.

    Two problems though: 1.) The range is a 45 minute trip from my house. (Making it difficult to put the 200 rounds through it a month that I'd love to.)
    2.) I want more Steyr's that I can't afford!!

    Once I get a chance to make it out there finally, I'll try to do a range report.
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    Don't we all. Welcome to the club, Sparky

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    Hiya Sparky :)

    Welcome to the Club, Dude! :) Keep 'er clean an' lubed, feed 'er good ammo and shoot the piss outta 'er! She'll just get better an' better! :) Be safe and have fun. :)

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    Welcome aboard the greatest gun forum on the 'Net for the greatest pistols in the known universe. Really.

    My M357-A1 has been a lot more faithful that most women I've known (including two ex-wives). She's been a great shooter right out of the box to somewhere upwards of 600 rounds. I quit trying to keep track several months ago.

    Just shoot and enjoy. The more you shoot, the better she gets, particularly the trigger, which some report is a bit stiff before break-in. Mine was fine from the box, but she's had BigTaco's trigger treatment anyway. Check out his tutorial M&S Series "Trigger Tune Up" by Bigtaco link on the homepage, plus these others I'm too lazy to link for you:

    * M&S Series "How It Works" by Bigtaco
    * M&S Series "Trigger Reset" by Bigtaco
    * Extractor Removal Steyr M&S Pistols
    * M&S Series Sear mechanism disassembly and reassembly
    * Maintenence for Steyr M&S Pistols
    * Cort's Steyr M Disassembly Guide
    * Steyr M Manual
    * Make your own Kydex Holster

    One upgrade you should consider is one of Bigtaco's stainless-steel guiderods. The black anodized version is staring at you just below the muzzle on my avatar.

    If you have any FTEs, FTFs, et c. beyond an occasional hiccup during the first 250-500 rounds, call SAI, the U.S. service and import center. They'll fix any problems pronto.

    P.O.Box 2609
    Cumming, GA 30028

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: (770) 888-4201
    Fax: (770) 888-4863
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    Welcome! I know exactly what you mean about this gun, I've been infatuated with it since I 1st saw one. Now I want 2, just to have 2. Is that weird?
  6. Steyr Mannlicher has always been a company ahead of its time and the Steyr MA1 is certainly an example of that.

    You now know what every Steyr owner knows Steyrs have the best ergonomics in the industry. The natural point is beyond reproach and there simply is nothing on the market that compares with it today.

    Congratulations on your puchase and I invite you to contribute your Steyr experiences and help add to this amazing website. You'll find very professional and polite people here who have a lot of experience and knowledge about Steyr firearms.

    Safe Shooting.