New M40-A1 owner - range report

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Woodrow, Apr 20, 2007.

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    Purchased it from a local store a couple of wks ago and ordered a couple of extra 12 rd clips from CDNN. I do believe I found my new concealed carry. 200 rds WWB on Saturday at the range.

    After getting used to the sights I shot better with it than anything else I own. The grip is awesome, and minimal recoil improved my accuracy doing double tap to ~ 1 inch almost every time (occasional up to two). A few folks that noticed the Steyr case came over to check it out - they loved the trap sights.

    I also showed it to one of the managers at the place and he said he'd heard nothing but good things about it. I do have to find out why they don't carry it there. They rent a bunch of guns to members to try - 3 guns for $10 plus ammo. Based on the response that it got when I was there, I would expect it would do well behind their counter...

    BTW - glad this forum is here. I was deciding between a few guns last month. This forum, and the information posted on it, pushed me over the edge toward the Steyr despite never shooting one. After taking it to the range, y'all were right! Donation $ on the way to help support this most excellent forum (plus, I do want to get in on the guide rods - posting that "need" to the proper forum location though...).

    Separate but related note - I e-mailed SAI last wk about spare parts and Jack responded right away with a note that I imagine most of you already know - nothing but warranty work at the moment, but a promise that additional items will be available in the US shortly (though I have no idea what shortly translates to on a calendar...patience...gotta have patience...).
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    Glad to hear you like it! Now you just need a good holster :wink:. Thunderbear's illustrated holster thread does a great job reviewing a ton of available options - check it out if you haven't already. I prefer the Blade-Tech UCH, personally.

    Also, be sure to test your favorite carry load before loading a mag and forgetting about it - gotta make sure it cycles in your A1. There is a good thread on ammo here.