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New M40-A1 deffective. trigger won't reset sometimes

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when I pull the slide back to dry fire the gun, sometimes when I pull it back the trigger does NOT reset. What should I start looking for or is this something Steyr will need to look at? :?

Edited to add when the trigger will not reset, pulling the slide back again does not help. I must push the trigger back a little further with my finger and rack the slide again, and it will usually reset the trigger :(

Edited a 2nd time to add I was hopeing it would get better but it has gotten worse. The trigger is now usually not resetting. :cry:

I do notice that this gun when i take the slide off and put it back on doesn't move the slide release lever back up on its own. I have to push it up manually. Maybe it's susposed to do that, but I'm not sure.
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When I try to load a round many times it doesn't want to go into battery as well. I might have to try to find something else that will fit my needs for a .40 semi auto with a grip smaller then a glock :( I'm getting rounds that literally are getting stuck in the magazine as well and I can't pull the slide back to even load one into the chamber.
check out the trigger reset tutorial. it has some fixes that have worked for us before.

i'm having a hard time putting together what your'e describing.

have you fired the gun with live ammo?

are you holding the trigger to the rear while cycling the slide?

when you say the slide release lever, are you refering to the take down lever? the takedown lever should snap into place when you put the slide on and rack it.

are you racking the slide hard?

when you say push the trigger back, do you mean pull it to the rear?
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I have tried pulling the slide to the rear soft and hard. I have also done while holding the trigger back but before I did that I did it without touching the trigger.

I have not fired live ammo though it yet.

Just about every round that I cycle by hand doesn't load correctly either. The slide stops short about 1/2" from going into full battery. This is definately not what I was expecting from a new firearm.

To top it off when I load the magazines the feed lips seem to be to small even though the magazines say .40 S&W and are 12 rds. Some rounds get cought comeing out and i have to use 2 fingers and pull it out of the magazine instead of useing my thumb and slideing them out.
Before you get nervous try to fire the gun on the range.
My magazines are also very tight and I had a hard time unloading them until the springs took a set, yes those feed lips are tight.

early on my take down lever would not snap back into position but after a short while it snaps back fine. This was with both my M40 and my M40A1.

I had a few trigger non resets while dry firing early on but that went away fast.

Always give a new handgun a cleaning before the first range session. Sometimes There can be peices of metal that did not wash away in the manufacturing process.

Make sure you lube the gun well. I almost soaked the gun for the initial range session. make sure the barrel exterior and the slide rails are well lubed (slide and frame rails) The phosphate finish does not lend itself to being a slick surface. Do not lubricate the firing pin or channel. Put a few drops of oil on the barrel lug, and the hood where it locks to the slide. If you look behind the sear in the frame you can see a small spring, place 1-2 drops of oil down in there. place another single drop indside the frame on the trigger. You can also lube the opening in the slide where the barrel goes through. I place one drop of lubricant on the extractor plunger. Then go shoot the thing before you can determine if there is actually something wrong. There could be a small machining burr you can't see. It can be worn down and smoothed after the first 2-3 magazines.

As for hang up when loading, once the gun is lubed pull the slide to the rear and let it fly, don't "ride" the slide

After that let us know what you come up with
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if madecov's suggestions don't work send it to the factory before monkeying w/ it.
the tutorials are great, but for a brand new gun send it back.
there is a 30 day return policty from

there website says there is a 30% restocking fee. Does this mean they will exchange it for free and a return is only the 30% fee? Or do I have to pay a 30% fee just to exchange a lemon?

A lemon is which I am thinking I have, but not sure if I can risk getting another steyr if there is a 30% fee to exchange.
factory warranty service is availible.
or try to contact on-point and ask about exchanging a lemon.
I can't imagein with all these problems this is typical steyer craftsmanship.
Even without holding the trigger it many times does not reset.
Rack the slide hard and fast.
still no go.
contact steyr.
they should make it right.
It's new and it should work. I have no money and can't even pay to ship it to them. A return will be the best I can do on it depending on what onpointfirearms will do and what it costs to ship it to them.
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