New M- or S-A1 and Why?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Wulf, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Wulf

    Wulf Premium Member

    Hi Guys :)

    I was just holdin' my S9-A1 in my left hand and had my M357-A1 in my right. Felt really good. :twisted: And, I was thinkin' about the new Maanox finish and that was reason enough for me to start plannin' on my next M- or S-A1 acquisition. The only caliber that I don't have is the 40 SW, but I can get a 357 SIG barrel for it. The problem then becomes, which model 40SW?...The new M-A1 or the new S-A1. Havin' to choose only 1 is confusing. So, I wanna know what some of my Club Brothers have to say about this dilemma. What I wanna know is this:

    If ya could have only one more M-A1 or S-A1, which model would ya get and why?

    Help me out here. Really think it through and let me have it. Ya may even be able to persuade me to get another caliber. <shrug> Thanx, Guys and hava great week. :)

    Wulf <-- is waitin' to hear what his Steyr Bros have to say :shock:
  2. matt13

    matt13 Premium Member

    Hey Wulf,

    I'm planning to get a S9-A1 for the simple fact that I don't currently have a compact. I currently own a M9-A1, which has finally stop dropping casings on my head after 600 rounds!! lol.

    BTW, can you not get a 40 s&w barrel for the 357? I though they were pretty much interchangeable.

  3. midtnshooter

    midtnshooter Premium Member

    Hey Wulf, How about I ship you my M40 A1 and let you try it out. I can send it after the second weekend of this month due to the monthly matches. Sound good?

    Take Care,
  4. Thunderbear

    Thunderbear Member

    Actually, I'd look for an older S40, and order one of Taco's uncaptured guide rods and experiment with spring rate, and have myself the very firstest S40A1. :twisted: :twisted:

    That way, I could get an IGB barrel and have the very firstest S357A1. :twisted: :twisted:
  5. Syntax360

    Syntax360 Premium Member

    I'd go for the M, but you know how I feel about that...

    M's are perfect size for any purpose I can think of - why go smaller?

    If I had to get an S, it would be 9mm...
  6. Netfotoj

    Netfotoj Premium Member

    Since you've already got an M357-A1, why not get an S40-A1 and when you're feeling froggy, you could slip your M357 barrel in it, let it hang out the end that extra half inch and blast away?

    Of course, you could get an S357-A1 and then buy an additional .40 IGB barrel and have a shorty-40 barrel to go with your shorty-357 barrel. That assumes that IGB actually offers a 3.5" 40 S&W barrel for the SA1. Don't know.

    I'll be interested to see which way you jump because right now I'm tapped out of pistol-buying bucks and it's going to be a while before I'll be ready to ponder which SA1 model I want to get.

    Maybe by then, my ol' buddy Wulf will have the .40 vs. 357 vs. 9mm options all sorted out on the SA1 models and I can benefit from his vast experience.

    And if a rich uncle which I don't have should suddenly drop dead and leave me some cash, maybe I can jump in line ahead of Wulf and buy that serial-number OOO1 S357-A1 when they finally do become available by the new Steyr.

    C'mon imaginary uncle, kick the bucket! :mrgreen:
  7. BulletBait

    BulletBait New Member

    The S9A1 is all I'll be carrying as soon as the Concealco IWB comes in.

    Big enough to hold easily, small enough for CCW.
    Open carry is NBD with either, but why go bigger?
  8. Luke2209

    Luke2209 Guest

    Is there any talk about the S-A1 coming out with more calibers? If so I would most defiantly be willing to wait for an S357-A1. Other wise I would be in the market to pick up a S9-A1. S9-A1 would be my choice cheaper to shoot then my M357-A1 and would be a little bit more friendly for my soon to be wife. She could shoot the light stuff and if I felt to need to carry it, I can pack it full of +p ammo. Already owning a M357-A1 and loving everything about it. A sister S357-A1 would be impossible to pass up. Is there any news about when theses little babies will be available? :wall:
  9. Syntax360

    Syntax360 Premium Member

    From what I gather, the rumored-to-soon-exist S357A1 is not on the price list, so we probably should not expect to see it this year...
  10. Vauxurellius

    Vauxurellius Guest

    With the current options I would have to go with the M40-A1. but seeing as how I already own this fine firearm, I would go with the M9-A1. I like the S-A1 series but I think the M-A1 is the perfect size, I don't understand why I would need to go smaller in my frame. I think that the M-A1 is also perfect for my CCW, it isn't to small and it isn't to big for carry.

    I like the .40 because it is a very effective caliber and coupled with the effective loads it comes in it is very effective for personal defense. It is also more readily availiable than is some of the other calibers like the 10mm (but seeing as how the Steyr M-A1 series doesn't come in those calibers then it is not relvant here).

    Well anyway for you my choice is the M40-A1 and for my second choice I would go with the M9-A1
  11. DougK

    DougK New Member

    S-40 or S-40A1 with manual safety. I dont carry any firearm without a manual safety.
  12. MACHINgunIST

    MACHINgunIST Guest

    Greetings Wulf: I prefer a full size pistol to a smaller one because I prefer more muzzle heft than less.....heavier guns give me a little better control.........less muzzle movement........ and faster target reacquisition. Also........longer barrels will usualy give a little more velocity.Since I enjoy firearms as machines.....a larger machine is more enjoyable.......but that has little to do with the utility aspect of pistol selection criteria. Since I do not CCW...I don't need a smaller, lighter gun. I have not handled an S A-1 model ....but looking at pictures........ of the older S model .......I don't see much size difference between it and the M A-1. fact....... that's the case.......and you don't NEED a smaller gun.......what I find appealing in the M A-1 size pistol might suit you too.
  13. bigtaco

    bigtaco Active Member

    i shoot tighter groups with the s40 than with the m9.

    try and handle an S if you can. there's just something about the S i like better.

    i'm warming up to the m-a1 cut down to an S grip. might have to try it.

    but SAI will hate me if i ever send it in for "warranty work"
  14. MACHINgunIST

    MACHINgunIST Guest

    I will fondle one....BTW.....I don't think I've EVER SEEN A PIC of a LATE MODEL STEYR in the S size. Is the S the same as the M...except with shorter slide/barrel? What is barrel length on the S? About 3 1/2 inches?
  15. babj615

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    Lots of info right here.