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Steyr Hear Our Prayers!


I've said this before, but I'll say it again...WHY DOESN"T STEYR POST THE EXACT IMPROVEMENTS OF THE A1 OVER THE M-SERIES? Seems like a NO BRAINER to me. Take a little web space and highlight why this pistol is a better pistol over the last one to encourage people who may already own an M-series to buy the new A1.

I dream about having some detailed pictures of an A1 field stripped and close up or better yet detailed stripped and compared next to an M-series. Am I asking too much?

Why doesn't Steyr post their test results of the A1 or the M or S-series for that matter during development. List improvements in parts made over the first series of M and S pistols and the later series?

Steyr needs some people who know a little bit more about marketing over there. I mean who is running the marketing department someones idiot cousin?

Sorry didn't mean to go off on a RANT...I love Steyr, but pretty 360 degree pictures and some simple specs really don't provide that much information and isn't the purpose of the internet to share information?

AHHHHHH.....anyways....wish I had crazy money and could just buy the company.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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