New M-A1 with manual safety 9/12/2005

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    New M-A1 with manual safety 9/12/2005
    Yes, you read that correctly. Received the new M-A1 last Friday. Have not had a chance to shoot it yet, but like the ergonomics of the pistol very much.
    I was allowed to order the model with manual safety after writing a waiver to Steyr regarding any liability issues in regards to its use...not quite sure why.

    In regards to the manual safety, I find the location of the safety very intuitive, you do not need to put your trigger finger in the trigger guard to de-activate it (although you could do it that way as well. You may simply de-activate the trigger by using your first forefinger knuckle to push up with your forefinger adjacent to the trigger guard without shifting your grip (This should allay fears that by reaching into the trigger guard you could accidentally discharge the weapon.) In actuality I have found that you can stick your trigger finger as though pointing forward through the trigger guard and de-activate the safety without any chance of depressing the trigger unless you then pull your finger back.

    It came with 2 12 round mags a very comprehensive although dated handbook (photos in the manual are of the old M series.) Yes this is a concealed carry weapon and find it no more obtrusive that my old Glock 23, or my Colt Officer's model or for that matter.

    Construction is solid, The new grip is great and the trigger pull is so much better than my Glock...can't wait to fire it at the range. More to follow
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    "I was allowed to order the model with manual safety after writing a waiver to Steyr regarding any liability issues in regards to its use.."

    What is the issue with the manual saftey?, I know that it was removed as an option on the A1, why? is it because of "lawyers" being fearfull of ADs?.
    IMO, it is a well designed and placed system, it was one of the reasons I chose the Steyr over a Glock.

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    Where did you order your gun from? Did you have to directly contact Steyr for the waiver? Can you PM that info to me? I'd love to purchase an A1 with the safety!
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    well, alright then
    now, where's that S A1?
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    My A1 is without the safety. While I won't ever use it I would not object to having it.

    The Ergo's on the A1 are way better than the M.

    I love my A1 :mrgreen:
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    How do the ergos differ from the M9 to the A1? What are the main differences?

    My assumption was that the M9 was years ahead of the G19 and that's one reason why I bought mine (with manual safety) from CDNN.

    Is the A1 'light years' ahead of the M9 or is this another marketing concept from another company to get folks to 'upgrade'? Or did Steyr simply improve on one fine design to make it better?

    I trust you understand that I'm only asking for some beta. My intention is not to disparage the A1 in any way whatsoever.

    Best. :wink:
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    The A1 grip has the same angle. The backstrap and the front strap are more refined. The texturing makes the grip slip less in the hand. The way the finger grooves have been molded it just seems to feel better in the hand. Funny thing is, even though the M and A1 are the same size, the A1 just feels larger in the hand.

    The gun also has a new extractor plunger. I don't know if the extractor claw has been changed in any way. My A1 has not had a single fired brass case come back at me since the first round. My M had one or two cases come back at me every 200-300 rounds for the first 500 or so rounds.

    The A1 is basically a few subtle evolutionary steps and improvements on the M.
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    Do you think the 'new' extractor/plunger is interchangeable between the A1 and the M9?

    My M9 seems to be very reliable and after the initial cleaning of the pistol and extractor, it runs very smoothly.

    I'm waiting on the parts and service (like everybody else) to get up and running and if there is an 'improved' extractor (like the new spring I saw previously), I'd like to get with the updating of one fine pistol.

    BTW, I happen to like the manual safety 'gizmo'. :wink:

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    i like the manual safety, but i think it's a little flimsy. i've had situations of reloading slide closing causing the safety to arm itself. i'm not saying that i feel unsafe since the gun *will not* fire under any circumstances with the safety engaged, it just seems like they could have had stronger tolerances on it.
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    so newm-a1,were did you order it from?? I wanted the m40-a1 in stainless/blue but my turnoff was not having the same safetys as the m-40 original,so if you got 1 send us pics and let us know were you got it,ill order me one asap if thats the case.
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    Ditto on madecov's comment about the M-A1 grip "feeling" larger--maybe the more contoured grip makes the gun seem larger in the hand. That may also make for a better lower-hand grip on an S-A1 version.
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    If you don't mind my asking, how much did you pay for your new Steyr?
    I intend on buying one this weekend, and the local shop has one for $395, but i think it is the older M-Series. I personally like the manual safety in the trigger guard, and although i am not sure if the one in the local shop is the older M-Series or the MA1, I think that $395 is an excellent price.
    But i am also very interested in the 2-Tone model of the gun and want to see what the price difference is, so i acn consider the option of having them order one for me.

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    I ordered my M-A1 40 with manual safety from Steyr. Spoke to Karl Walter
    [email protected]. To the best of my knowledge there is no issue with the safety, but wanted to alliviate any of their liability concerns.
    I have taken it to the range several times and this gun is sweet.
    Firstly the safety is intuitive, and can be disengaged with the trigger finger without reaching into the trigger guard, just push up with your trigger finger knuckle in the ready position. Secondly, this guns recoil is much tamer than many of the other handguns I have owned (Bersa and Beretta 380's, Glock 23 40 S&W, Makarov, and Colt Officers model).
    Reliability is excellent for a stock service weapon. Iv'e put 400 assorted rounds (Corbon, Hydrashok, Hornady to name a few ) so far without a hiccup.
    Accuracy is also very good with groups no larger than 2.5" at 15 and 25 yds. and less than 1 " at 10-15 ft., the range at which most self defense shootings
    happen. I can now say that I carry this weapon with extreme confidence in its abilities.
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    I am with you icecreamman, where is the SA1, wonder if that is something they are considering ?
  15. Steyr Hear Our Prayers!


    I've said this before, but I'll say it again...WHY DOESN"T STEYR POST THE EXACT IMPROVEMENTS OF THE A1 OVER THE M-SERIES? Seems like a NO BRAINER to me. Take a little web space and highlight why this pistol is a better pistol over the last one to encourage people who may already own an M-series to buy the new A1.

    I dream about having some detailed pictures of an A1 field stripped and close up or better yet detailed stripped and compared next to an M-series. Am I asking too much?

    Why doesn't Steyr post their test results of the A1 or the M or S-series for that matter during development. List improvements in parts made over the first series of M and S pistols and the later series?

    Steyr needs some people who know a little bit more about marketing over there. I mean who is running the marketing department someones idiot cousin?

    Sorry didn't mean to go off on a RANT...I love Steyr, but pretty 360 degree pictures and some simple specs really don't provide that much information and isn't the purpose of the internet to share information?

    AHHHHHH.....anyways....wish I had crazy money and could just buy the company.
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    Don't go by me. (see my sig line). I got at wholesale minus $30.00. One distributor had a during July.

    At $395.00 in a store I would say it has to be the older M. The A1 has a dealer cost higher than that with shipping. Unless they are selling it to dump it.

    No US distributor that I am aware of has the A1 with stainless slide. Mines going to get chromed
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    I inquired about M9A1 with manual safety.

    This is what they said.
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    Well, crap. I like the safety and I wanted to get a new A1 with it. :(