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    We fianlly bought a new in the box Steyr M-9 this weekend. I cleaned/lubed it per the manual and took it to the range with 300 rds of Remington 115 grain UMC ball. After maybe the 4th magazine the slide refuse to go into battery all of the way with a live round and was jammed in that position until I got it unjammed. My Walther P-99 and USP 9 gobble up UMC all day long with no problem.

    I love the ergonomics of the weapon and hate to have it serviced so soon. Any wisom or help is greatly appreciated! :)
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    Dirty stuff ... my M9 eats it but my hands are all black after a box! I say try some WWB or Blazer before thinking about getting it serviced ... though it sounds like you might be getting double-feeds, in which case you should check your mags ... if its a FTE problem, thoroughly clean your extractor which is recommended before your first range session.

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    I am sorry to tell you but there is no Steyr service. I paid $35 to ship mine to Diamond Trails for warranty work and they are no longer handling these pistols. Steyr's service sucks. These pistols are being sold with no support at all in this country. I am sorry to say it but you may have just a very nice paper weight. if you need service. Hope it works out for you.

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    Ummm, I think you are making WAYYY to much of this service problem. First of all, telling the poster they may have a nice paper weight because their M9 jammed on what was probably an out of spec round (UMC is notorious for shoddy QC) is a little premature. If the pistol malfunctioned another couple of times, with different types of ammo, then it may be time to start looking at something in the weapon. In this case, I am saying that it's probably ammo. Some pistols, like it or not, prefer a certain type of ammo. Steyrs in particular seem to like the good stuff. Second of all, this service problem has only existed for about two weeks, and some seem to think the sky is falling. IIRC, this is the second or third time that Steyr has had problems with, and dumped importers and repair centers stateside. Third of all, there is nothing in the Steyr that you can't service yourself if required. You may have to pay for the parts, which sucks if you are under warranty. The Steyr is a very simple pistol to totally disassemble (I have taken my M40 down to every individual part except the LCI because I have no sight pusher), and even if you are not machenically inclined, any good gunsmith should be able to put parts in for you. But, if you still feel that your Steyr is a "paper weight", feel free to send it to me. I'll even pay the shipping. Just remember, this is a $600 pistol you probably paid about half of that for. Just my $0.02
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm happy to report that today using 700 rds of GECO 123 grain FMJ the pistol shot 100% with zero issues. The wife and I love this little gun and are going to purchase another M-9 later this month as finances allow. :D
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    Good for you!

    Zampolit - that was an excellent response, I absolutely concur.

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    very nice! and good choice!

    BTW You have an intersting nick-name. are you russian?
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    The wife is but I'm not. She thought the nickname was funny also!
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    As you stated Steyr has had 3 different importers and 2 different service centers since coming into the US market. The S and M pistols that were sold at clearance recently sat in a warehouse for years because there was no importer. You seem to know this much but yet you don't see a pattern? 8O They can't get their shit together to service the customer.

    You are correct that I am being a little harsh but your reply shows how little you know about this comapny and their support structure. Have you talked to Diamond Trail? Do you know why they dumped Steyr warranty work? Its because it took 120 to 160 days to get parts. They had a huge back log of Steyr guns not just pistols. The parent company in Austria would not send the parts over. They are not supporting the US market which is why it took so long to get a new importer. How am I going to fix a gun myself with no fu.king parts? Your line of thinking is so typical of the US sheeple consumers. Your arguement that it is okay have unsupported broken pistol still under warranty because I got it for $300. I don't care if I paid $100 for a $600 pistol if it doesn't work and you can't get it fixed you still pissed $100 down the drain. Keep your $.02 and your backhanned offer to buy my paper weight.

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    Humor......ill and good.....

    Seems like you are willing to trash the Steyr company, but when someone wants to be balanced, you don't like it.....
    One might reasonably ask why you frequent a place where most people actually LIKE these guns?
    I don't think you'll find a lot of support to keep bashing Steyr here, bud.
    If it is such a bad pistol, why WOULDN'T you sell it - hell! - GIVE it away?
    You got a lemon?
    Caveat Emptor.
    Or would you rather the government step in and take care of your poor decisions?
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    Re: Humor......ill and good.....

    Who said anything about the goverment? I frequent this site because I own 2 Steyrs. I like the guns I hate the company behind them. I never said I hated the pistol I said they are being sold with no support in this country.

    People should be made aware of this. Guns are mechnical devices which can break due to defects or wear. Good service after the purchase is a major factor when purchasing any gun.

    I think it is sad if people don't demand more from the manufacture then this. If it was the first time that this company had these types of issues that would be one thing. But they have had a history of this type of sevice for the past 3 years.

    Also how is purchasing a lemon NIB my bad decision? All I am asking is that the company take care of the product they are selling under the terms of the warranty that it was sold under. I guess that is too much to ask.

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    Easy fellas, let's not get too personal here. Stick to the facts and take it back to the original thread. Zampolit is still probably trying to figure out why his thread was hijacked...

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    No problem. I just think that we need to demand more as a consumer and that this company should support their product. People need this kind of information so they can make an informed decison. I am sorry I should not have hijacked the thread. I will stop posting on this thread.

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    I agree with you 100%. If you sell a product, you should support it no matter what the cost is.

    All of the club members have a right to speak his/her mind. I just want to keep things civil around here because this is a sensitive topic for all of us.

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    It's ok guys. I understand the points of view being presented. That said I took the M9 out again today and fired 450 rds of Winchester NATO ball thru it with zero problems. The weapon shot like greased lightning! I love these Steyrs and hope that the service issue is resolved in the near future. :wink:
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    Product support.....

    Remember the Yugo?
    Some are young enough not to know anything about them.....
    Every product made has bad individual examples.
    Part of the decision process for purchasing is how well one knows the manufaturer.
    My point to you was that it should have been obvious why a $600 pistol was being sold for $300 or less.....
    Cost of support is not inconsequential.
    Companies dance with them what brung 'em.
    If their sales were profitable here, they'd have support.
    They're not, so they don't. Simple as that.
    Cart before horse does not make for good transportation planning.
    As a consumer, it is your responsibility to determine all aspects of price and value analysis, not the manufacturers. Freedom of choice is not free.
    Where I brought in "the government" was in the case of consumer law, which covers a lot of ground to protect people who do not do their homework.
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    Did you just compare Steyr pistols to Yugos?!? Ouch... :D
    But yes, I agree with you. My point about Steyr having multiple problems in the past with distributors / service centers is that a buyer who truly researched the pistol before buying it (as I did) would understand that this was a possibility. I contend that anyone who didn't think this was a possibility are the ones who don't know much about the Steyr business in America. I also take exception to begin called one of the "sheeple". I researched these products extensivley before buying one, and made an educated buy as a consumer. I knew why these were being sold for half the normal price. Some people apparently didn't know of these issues before buying. That is definatley unfortunate, but buying something (especially a firearm) without research is not being a responsible consumer. And blind consumerism sets you squarely in the "sheeple" catagory.
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    No, not a Yugo.....

    My point was illustrative as to what drives consumer markets.
    In the US of A, first is price and then quality.
    Would that it were reversed.....
    I did research the Steyr and knew the issues of serviceability and still chose the pistol. Ergo, you will not see a complaint about that issue out of me......
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    Re: No, not a Yugo.....

    Americans are "Value" minded. In the '70s and 80's, Many Americans were buying foriegn cars for the better quality at the time compared to American cars even though they were sometimes more expensive than equivalent American cars.

    I agree that Steyr's service is very poor. I would love to get some standard capacity Steyr mag base plates and a taller rear sight but no one has former and I'm not sure if Steyr makes the latter. Why did they bother importing the M-1A if they are not servicing their product. BTW, no one's getting the M-1A for $300 and they have the same service issues.
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    we all hope it will be soon, and it should.

    without knowing where to lay blame as i don't know all the facts I will say that I am glad steyr is doing their own importing and will have their own in-house repair center.

    glad the pistol is behaving now, chalk it up to not liking that ammo or an out of spec round. Some stright off the assembly line don't like a certain brand that it's cousin made a week ago does. Happens to all guns (except MAYBE those darn mushy G guns, but we don't mention those loose as a goose pistols here :wink: )