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New Kimber Polymer Gun. Anyone think this looks familiar?

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Here is a picture of the new Kimber coming out. I bet I know who makes it for them...........

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Very Interesting. There is nothing on the Kimber web site about this pistol and the text in the photo says it is made entirely in the US.
ummm, pic no show w/ any of my browsers??

That is a total rip-off of the Steyr M-40 and I'll bet they'll ask a small fortune for it. Natural Point? Has Kimber been to visit this website?

Yes, I am aware that everyone in the firearms industry steals from everyone else and thats just progress. I just think its a shame that this firearm will probably outsell the Steyr. What's next a total carbon copy of the Steyr AUG?
looks like a lot of guns...

It also looks a lot like the new Smith & Wesson M&P.
I'm not getting a pic either............ :(
OK.......I got the picture....... :( Yep I agree, it looks too much like a Steyr to be anything else............This is not good news for the friends of Steyr.......Kimber is much better at PR, promotion, and most everything else.........
it's a photocopy alright
i'm sure it'll be well made and all and they do have the backstrap swap on it

still, it'll be expensive and i doubt it'll be made as well
grip angle is blocky, bore axis is higher, not gonna have trap sights, no trigger safety, no lock

still it'll pull some lemmings
Now that I look at it closer it doesn't quite look like the same grip angle. It really looks like it wants to compete with the SW M+P ...........and what kind of striker system is in it?? etc. Bigger like a service pistol.....
I belive the button behind the trigger is the trigger safty. All safties are internal along with the internal lock from what I understand.
yeah, it does say it has a lock in the top corner of the ad
i don't think that's a safety behind the trigger though
looks like a bad place for one to me anyway
i'm guessing mag release

grip angle is more conventional, but less intelligent

it'll probably sell though
something that's seemed to work against these pistols since the beginning is that people mostly go with what they're used to

steyr came in with a name most folks didn't recognize and didn't bother to research, and a better but unconventional design

some of the design has rippled out, but so far it seems they've not reaped the benefits of it :roll:
at least not in america from what i've seen

as an inventor, it's a shame
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Since Kimber slides and frames are forged by S&W thee is already a relationship between the companies. I'll bet this Kimber's version of the M&P

And yes it looks like a copy of the A1
got the pic now....

wow, I had to magnify it to look for the steyr logo 8-O

it's not there btw :roll:

I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :wink:
If it behaves like any other Kimber I've shot, I wouldn't mind adding it to the inventory.

I like it...
I'll bet it preforms like the S&W.
The trigger on it is reported to be OK, nothing special. I'm sure the Steyr is a better gun.
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