New K&D 'Pocket Defender' for my S9!

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Seven, Aug 6, 2007.

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    Hey folks, just wanted to share that I just received a new Pocket Defender for my S9 from Kevin Manley at K&D Holsters - and I love it! 8)

    Some time back I realized that I could easily carry my S9 in one of my front pockets when wearing cargo pants, but of course I wanted something which would keep it safe and oriented properly. I'd had a custom cross-draw rig made for my S9 by Kevin last year, and knew that he could get the fit right. I also have one of his "Pocket Defender Convertible" models for my Rohrbaugh R9, and wanted something like that for the Steyr, so contacted him and asked whether he'd be willing to make one of his "Pocket Defender" holsters for the larger pistol.

    So, now it is here, and the fit is perfect (as expected). It's nice to have this option for carrying the Steyr during the summer heat, when something on the hip would be more noticeable, and I want to pocket carry a gun a little bigger than the R9 (which is a great pistol - but the extra rounds of the S9, greater accuracy at range, etc. is all good).

    So, if you have an S-series, and hadn't considered pocket carry...maybe you might want to.


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    Looks good and will probably stabilize nicely with that wing on the bottom.
    Starting to look myself at a number of alternatives for small/backup gun holsterage for my new PPK.