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New IWB holster maker

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First, I'm not a holster expert. But many of you will want to know about this one.

I picked up a new IWB holster, have not seen it discussed here. It is a slightly different design, at least to me. A leather backpiece and kydex front piece. It has a moderate amount of "Tek-Lok"-style retention effect. Mine is the first in Steyr line, because he ordered a mold at my request.

The leather is comfortable, the J-Hooks are also Kydex. The IWB model is tuckable, but not really good at it. He also has a "Super Tuck" model, designed for good tuckability, a small of the back model, and some additional options.


Construction appearances on mine is average. The cut of the leather looks hand cut, which it is. I don't much care about that, but some will. He makes these one at a time. No fancy embossing or other flash on the one I bought. The rivets do appear tight and properly done.

I'm skeptical of Kydex J-hooks and would prefer metal. OTOH, I don't have enough experience with Kydex to support this opinion.

The draw (for me) is adequate. I've had IWB with faster draws and slower draws. This is a subjective rating, and is a little premature since I haven't practiced with it much. Initial impressions are that it is just fine, there is nothing to hang up the draw and the holster stays in the waistband.


Retention seems adequate to me. I didn't take it out on a trampoline, but I did insert a full mag in an empty-chamber Steyr, turn it upside down over a bed, and jiggle. A light jiggle retained it, a medium jiggle eventually let it fall after about "5-10 jiggles", and a firm "snap" dislodged it each time. That was about the same as my open-top leather Galco concealed belt holster, and quite a bit less retention than a Fobus. When you figure that these are IWB holsters, it's unlikely that it will fall out or be forcibly removed, unless I either allow it or I am unconscious.

I rate it as superior in comfort to other IWBs I've tried. The patch of leather spreads out contact. Nothing jabs me.

It lays flat, concealability is good. One layer of leather, about 1/8" thick, and a thin layer of Kydex, maybe 3/32" or 1/16". It won't make my Nov-Dec-Jan love handles disappear, but only exercise will.

Value is good, $40. He offers a 12 month warranty. He can fit M40, I suppose that means he can do M9 as well, don't know about S series.

The guy who makes these is named Mark Craig, in Missouri, and his web site is


addendum: Mark sent me the wrong color, and I let him know. He offered to send me the right color for free and told me to keep the one I have as well. I subsequently found that there was a small fee for the different color, which I did not pay on my initial order. That's pretty friendly service, & I have the impression that he is a good guy.
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good find, you putting up pics of the rig, the rig w/gun, and being worn?
FlaChef said:
good find, you putting up pics of the rig, the rig w/gun, and being worn?
I did think about it, but I'm not going to hassle with it. He has several pics on his site that look to me like fair representations of what you get and how it looks under a shirt.

Plus, the last time I sent pics on the Internet, my mom ended up seeing them, she got worried and showed them to my buddies, and I had to explain about the assistant sheep veterinarian course I was taking at the nudist colony. :oops:

No, not really. :)

can you get your thumb between the gun and the holster and your fingers around the grip?

i would't worry about kydex, it has a nice blend of flexbility and strength, being ridgid but not brittle.

sounds like good service. +1
Looks nice... how's it feel, and how's it print?
bigtaco said:
can you get your thumb between the gun and the holster and your fingers around the grip?
I can get my thumb in, but I have to shove it in and it's not part of the natural draw for me.

It is very comfortable to me. The print is good, and most IWBs are for me. I wouldn't mind a sharper cant, but everyone has their preferences.

Comfort and value are the clearest advanatges I see, compared to other good IWB holsters.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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