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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 73sbVert, May 7, 2006.

  1. Syntax360

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    That's excellent! Think they offer it in a left handed model? :D

  2. How the heck did that ever get started? I mean what idiot ever thought that holding the pistol that way was cool? I guess the same one who thought up ebonics (there is now a real movement in the English departments of major universities to study ebonics as if it were a real language). Hey, too each their own I guess.
  3. Guest

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    that's for real? dam i thought that was a joke. well who ever thought that one up has been smoking to much crack.
  4. Syntax360

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    I always kinda assumed that the whole side-way shooting thing got started from hardcore gang wannabe's running away while shooting. You know - real tuff like :roll:.

    Here is a funny article about the gag.
  5. Matches

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    Thats funny. A good hoax usually is unless you are the one fooled.
  6. Mortech

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    LOL that pic has been around for years , you ought to see his 50 cal pistol one . I forgot the link to his home page dang it .
  7. madecov

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    Funny thing is
    I remember meeting willie bubbits at SHOT back in the early days of the Steyr M series.
    he told me and another guy that some Italion movie studio had ordered M series guns with the dove tail cut into the slide on the top and the flat sides just so they could mount sites like that for a movie.

    He thought it was pretty funny.

    BTW, Birdman also makes real firearms accessories and is a really decent guy.
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    i was racking my brains trying to figure that out. that was a good one. :lol:
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    That is one of my favorite pics. I actually saw some gangstas at the gun show and they kept holding their guns sideways!!!