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New Grandfather Oak Holster

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Got my Grandfather Oak Quick Companion a few weeks ago. Tried a pistol, it was so tight, I almost couldn't pull it out. Anyway, David said send it back and he'd fix it, and he did. It was just a little tight in the trigger guard, now the retention adjust fine with the screw. I bought it for my son to use in IDPA, we'll see how it goes. I drew with it, it was nice. Every bit as nice as the Blackhawk I use with my XD. Only problem, with the Tek-Lok, it won't be IDPA legal. I bet with the belt loop it would be. Here are the pics-

I have a hidden companion on the way, I post some pics when I get it. Hopefully I'll get better at taking pics of myself!
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Looking forward to hearing more- I'm looking for an IWB that's IDPA legal.

How much did these cost you?

The Quick Companion was $30, I believe. The IWB was $32. The IWB should be here any time. I'd have to go to the website, but I'm pretty sure any IWB is legal for IDPA.
mention this site and david will take a few bucks off that 8)

that price is also shipped, and mine took only 2 weeks.
He's up to 2-1/2 weeks now. I'm right at that.

I didnt see an IWB on the web page. I'm really interested to see what it looks like


Matches said:
I didnt see an IWB on the web page. I'm really interested to see what it looks like

They are pretty much custom orders at this point. He has a few styles in IWB. David will send you pictures if you ask. He's very easy to work with.
I sent Grandfather Oak an email last week and I havent got a reply yet. :(
I got in contact with them, I will be having two holsters made.
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