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New FIST holster has arrived!

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Well my new holster CCW holster has arrived. I called FIST and made my order 1 NOV 05 and the folks there told me it would take three weeks to make. Well, just over two weeks later the holster arrived by UPS at my office! Much faster than anticipated. Appearantly they make these as they are ordered and it is a fine product indeed.
I ordered the #10, slider style, in cordovan. It really is a well made cow hide holster that takes some breaking in. Certainly is made to last a life time.
For those interested in a leather holster I think you would be pleased with their service and product.
Hope to post a follow-up after wearing this for a while.

All the best
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And what model Steyr is it for ?
Hi Madecov, thanks.

Yes, this was made for an M9.
When I made the order and said it was forn a Steyr M9, they had no hesitation. I do see it is on their gun list. STEYR 9/40

ScottW, I'll see if I can get some pics today!
I have drill this weekend so it might be Monday or so.

They also claim they can make for the A1 series.
Yeah I believe so.

I will say that mine fits the weapon very well...
OK, these are not the best photos and they really don't do the holster justice, but here they are...
The color is 'cordovan' which looks almost black.


Well crap... I created a small album on photobucket and tried putting the link here.
I'll try to figure out. :?
here we go...

You get a fair look at the fit. The weapon does snap in place and is held nicely.

This is the back.

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madecov said:
They also claim they can make for the A1 series.
Will let you know, I ordered a Slider/IWB combo a couple of weeks ago.. should be here soon.
Just wondering how the holster is holding up ?
Are you pleased with it ?

Yes, I am pleased overall...
Once I got through the break-in period the fit works well. The FIST holster is certainly well made and I would not hesitate to buy from them again. Nice quality and the price is right!
Well here we are 2+ years later and I must say this slider style has held up well. No regrets and still holds the weapon as it should!
anybody know where can i find this holster..?? Mike, didn't put the name of the store...

I actually have one for sale in the For sale area of the forum.
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