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New CHL - weighty issues

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The state of Texas finally saw fit to get my CHL to me yesterday. Mailed the application 5/12, got the license 7/13. They said it would be 60 days, and they used it all. I figured I needed to carry somewhere, so I got out my Uncle Mike's slide, holstered my M40, and went for a walk. Anyway, the surprising thing to me about carrying was............the weight! After about 2 blocks, I felt like I was pulling a trailer on my hip. Now I'm wondering if I should carry my 380..........or if I'm just a wuss. Is this something you get used to, or does a better holster make a difference?
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You are not a wuss, you just need to get somethings figgured out. :D

A good holster can make all of the difference. You definatly get what you pay for in most cases. The "one size fits all" models are not custom fit to the weapon and it starts to show when you have used it for long periods of time. I have an HBE COM3 IWB that was custom made for my M9 and it almost feels like you are not even wearing it most of the time. VERY comfortable.

Like you also said, you will probably want to decide which weapon will be your carry gun before you start buying $50-100 holsters. There are deals to be had on eBay and the different gun auction sites, but they are not always exactly what you need. You might decide that the Steyr is just not the right carry weapon for you. This is where the catch-22 comes into play. You will never really know how it should feel w/o the proper holster for the weapon.

Another piece of advise, you might want to try both OWB and IWB holsters. You might find that you prefer one over the other. Most gun stores will let you try out different holsters and that can be quite helpful, although you probably won't find any that are specifically designed for the M or S series.

One more thing, a good belt can make a HUGE difference also. Your average Wally World or Target belt won't cut it for everyday carry use.

Too many combinations to try, but you have to start someplace.

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