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New CHL - weighty issues

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The state of Texas finally saw fit to get my CHL to me yesterday. Mailed the application 5/12, got the license 7/13. They said it would be 60 days, and they used it all. I figured I needed to carry somewhere, so I got out my Uncle Mike's slide, holstered my M40, and went for a walk. Anyway, the surprising thing to me about carrying was............the weight! After about 2 blocks, I felt like I was pulling a trailer on my hip. Now I'm wondering if I should carry my 380..........or if I'm just a wuss. Is this something you get used to, or does a better holster make a difference?
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Deluxe247 is right that a real gun belt makes a lot of difference. A flimsy belt is a POS. Dillon Precision offers a double thickness 1.5" wide belt, and it makes a lot of difference in supporting the weight as well as not moving up when you draw. My holster is a Hunter 1502-0, which is a sort of 1 size fits all OWB slide style for med autos. It's not as elegant as if it were made specifically for the gun, but it is adequate once it breaks in to the gun, and I DO carry my S9 all the time. It's like buying shoes. Try on a few and see what fits. In any case, you're better off with with your .380 than a pocket knife.
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