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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Auburn, Feb 2, 2007.

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    Too bad hi-caps don't include Steyr.

  3. Just between us Steyr brethern do you guys think that they'll come down in price in a month or two?
  4. MrApathy

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    think the deals at cdnn are not lasting as long.
    usually when the number of units get low they really try to push them out the door may lower the price. depends on how many units they have.
  5. Wulf

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    Hiya minister* :)

    Yep, I believe that CDNN will sell everything Steyr in their inventory. If there are any of the -A1's left in a month, they'll go to the $299 closeout price. By then, there'll be new M and S -A1 Models available through my best guess. Maybe they'll have the new finish on 'em, PDQ. Expect some news from SAI this week. The new owners of Steyr-Mannlicher (Franz Holzschuh and his business entourage) were to meet with Carl Walther in Austria the previous 3 days to discuss the new marketing strategies for the US. Expect good things to develop in the aftermarket arena for Steyr. I'm afraid that S and M Series owners were ridin' a wave of introductory pricing for the M and S Series. I'll bet that it'll be a matter of mediocratic pricing for striker-fired composite semiauto pistols, $450 to $600 being the baseline MSRP for all the major players. <shrug> Kimber's composite 40SW will most likely sell for a couple hundred more and I'd love to give onna those a go. 8) For those of us that have had the opportunity to try several of these manufacturers' products, how does your Steyr compare? Ya reckon you should be able to buy the best for the least amount of $? If I were in the postition to purchase all the S9-A1's from Davidson's for $390 each, they'd already be sittin' in my home. I'd have preferred the S40-A1 over the S9-A1, but that didn't happen, did it. :roll: I expect I'll start havin' to pay more in the future, for my new model M and S Series. Oh well, I'm kinda eager to find out what was decided in Austria last weekend. Aren't you? I'll bet a new striker-fired composite 45 Auto with a Maanox finish is being rushed to the American market place. :p Well... 8-O ...that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! :twisted:

    Wulf <-- Thinks, "it's OK to dream...just don't drool on the pillow". 8)
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    was no M and S series introductory price for $300-$350 that was Austria having floods and Import issues. number of them sold for $450-$600 closer to $600. 8lbs trigger and you think the ejection reports of today were bad the M40's had bad ejection. they had a upgrade for triggers and ejection ports. think they may have had a mag deal. was years ago 1999-2000.

    cant wait to see what goes on with new owner. hope Carl steps up with some good stuff and Steyr Follows through with something positive for us.
  7. Hey Wulf. :D

    Yeah, I'm thinking the new finish will be a welcome upgrade for the MA1 series.

    I too would love an SA140 as I'm not the biggest fan of 9mm and I hate having to buy different pistol calibers beyond the .40 S&W and .45 ACP I purchase already.

    If the prices shoot down to $299.00 I will pick-up an extra MA140 for sure from CDNN.

    Once the new SA140s roll out I'll purchase on of those as long as I can get it for around $500 or less.