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Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by Shooter, Jan 25, 2008.

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    Finished up two new rifles. The AR I built and the AK put together by a talented friend.The AR is interesting Calvary Arms polymer lower, Armalite parts otherwise. It shoots very smooth and the polymer seems to buffer recoil (not that a 223 has much recoil)...... I just replaced the original furniture on the AK this morning with ACE folding stock and a UTG aluminum handguard. I am taking them out this weekend for a workout. My friend (and former commie gun hater), was very impressed with the AK simplicity and quality barrel. He did a check shoot on it before giving it to me and decided he wanted to build his own. I bought him a kit for building my AK so he only has to get the NO SPUD receiver.
    Bought some Alumihyde paint from Brownell's and will give it spray for protection and camo soon.


    Put a cheap red dot on the AK, but looking for something a little better for permanent replacement. I'm thinking of a Burris Speed Bead mini red dot or the Russian red dot from Warrior Talk Gear shop........I'm really liking the AK.....very left hand friendly..........
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    Nice, I like the color on your polymer lower.
    Cavalry is the correct spelling if I may point out . A couple of months ago I was thinking of getting one...but decided to go with a complete Stag lower fo $210

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    Very cool, Shooter - I've always been interested in the CAV-15... Looks good!
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    Well these are now old pics.......AK on the Right has camo desert paint and the one on the left still looks the same, but I switch it with the normal lower....