New(?) 357 SIG 124gr JHP from S&B looks hotter than the rest

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    My M357A1 likes their 140gr FMJ which is advertised @ 1352fps out of 5" barrel. I can feel the heavier recoil if I paid attention vs. Gold Dot (advertised 1350fps) but always thought it was just the bullet weight. Now that I think about it, I didn't feel much difference between 165 & 180gr 40SW but the same 15gr difference is less portion of the total weight.

    I don't have access to a chronograph but I found this post (quoted below) clocking the 140gr out of M357 @ 1294fps out of 4" (vs 5" test) barrel. The CorBon 115 seems consistent with BBTI's test + some YT videos I saw confirm Underwood 125s to be above 1500 out of 4" barrel so it looks about right to me.
    P2000 is 3.7"
    USPC is 3.58"
    P2000SK is 3.3"

    Next to their 140gr FMJ offering I just came across their 124gr JHP in 357SIG. I'm not sure if it is new to me or just new. It is advertised @ 1476fps out of 5" barrel.

    With the prices as high as they are now, these aren't much cheaper than what Underwood JHPs when they were in stock. Some old webpages showed they used to be around $20-30 for a 50rd box which sounds like a sweet deal for JHPs faster than GoldDots/VCrown/AmEagle/GoldenSaber, assuming the velocity drops 70fps from losing 1" to ~1400fps.

    It doesn't say if the projectile is bonded but the bullet has slightly different specifications compared to their 9mm 124gr JHP. But hey the "legendary" 125gr 1450fps from the mid-20th century didn't need bonded projectiles did they? :p

    Anyway here is a link to S&B's product data page you can scroll down about halfway to see the bullet spec is slightly different between 9mm and 357SIG. To my surprise, S&B 357SIG bullets are .357 in diameter??

    I hope to see some tests with this new round soon.
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