Neu-Trigger for AUG, STG and AXR... what is it?

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    First, I want to thank you for being patient and allow me to get this right. My goal was threefold. First, it had to work properly right out of the box without adding weight/bulk to the hammer mechanism or permanently altering the factory parts. Second, it needed to be simple and easy to install without compromising the safe use of the rifle. Lastly, it had to be affordable.

    Finally, you are going to be more impressed with your gun's performance than it's looks. What I have engineered is a PnP way to eliminate most of the friction between the sear and the hammer. This accounts for 2-3 Lbs of force required to pull the trigger. After considerable study, I found that no matter how much you “Armor All,” polish and buff the hammer or sear, plastic on plastic will always have a certain frictional coefficient. The factory setup is as good as it will ever get unless there is a fundamental change in the materials used. Neu-Trigger was designed to strip out as much friction as possible. The benefits of Neu-Trigger are simple; lower trigger pull weight and a smoother trigger pull without compromising saftey.

    Nathan was kind enough to test this on his his rifle and reported back with the same results that I had achieved. The Neu-Trigger will fit all AUG style rifles whether it is the Steyr, MSAR or TPD. Because in full-auto mode, Neu-Trigger only affects the first shot fired, it is safe for use on all hammer groups whether semi-auto or full-auto or 3 round burst The design is based on permanent attachment so that no adjustment will be needed, yet removable should you ever want to restore the rifle to the factory setting.

    Note: Most everyone has seen the video of me firing my STG556 with a 3Lbs trigger pull. That was simply to dispell the myth that the AUG cannot cycle with a low trigger pull weight. A 3 Lbs trigger is not safe for use.

    CAUTION: Neu-Trigger is not to be used in conjunction with any other hammer group modifying devices. Neu-trigger is designed to be used alone.

    video: Steyr AUG Trigger pull without Neu-Trigger 10.5 Lbs

    video: Steyr AUG trigger pull with Neu-Trigger intalled 8.5 Lbs

    Price: $25 shipped in the USA

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    Neu-Trigger auction

    * Patent Pending

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    I picked one of these up last week, and I have to say that this man is on to something - even when just dry-firing, the change is immediately apparent. This modification is extremely well thought-out and offers a drop-in means to transform your trigger pack into something really pleasant. Trigger pull is MUCH more smooth and pull weight is definitely reduced (I don't have a gauge to put an exact number on it, but the difference very noticeable). I'm going to hit the range today and will report back with my impressions...

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    Sounds just the job but won't ship to the UK ? :(
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    Just In case anyone is looking here to try to form an opinion on this product, I have one on my MSAR, and it works. I also have a ratworx ar15 hybrid trigger pack, it is my favorite, buuuuuut, it really is more of a range pack. The neutrigger feels better than stock and I am not creeped out about the lighter trigger pull, it just feels safer to carry. Both options are great, and while I love my ratworx pack, the neutrigger is 1/10 the price and I am not constantly thinking about possible litigation when using it. As a note I trust the ratworx pack completely, it is rock solid, I am just a paranoid safety freak, and I have an innate ability to 'snag' anything so I am overly cautious. I have no doubt that anyone else can use the raxworx pack safely, I just do not trust myself.