Nervous about carrying my M40 with one in the pipe.

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Longshot, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Longshot

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    Someone please reassure me that the saftey and sear will not fail while carrying my M40 in a Bianchi IWB down the front of my pants with one in the tube. I'm scared of a self infliced vasectomy. But i also don't want to have to cock it after i draw....there may not be that much time.

  2. WorldPax

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    If you do not pull the trigger (intentionally or negligently) it will not go bang and give you a Lance Armstrong.

  3. MrApathy

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    out of many 10,000's+ only 1 report of sear breaking has ever been reported.

    myself and many others have put thousands of rounds without issues.

    if your worried use cci or remington ammo they have tough primers.
  4. Syntax360

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    I worried about it a little at first, but now that I have a decent kydex holster, I don't think twice about it. Like Pax said - as long as you do your part, you're perfectly safe :)
  5. madecov

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    Both my M and my A1 have been my on/off duty weapons for almost a year.
    Of course they have been carries with one in the pipe on duty better than 50 hours a week. And off duty the rest of the day with one in the pipe. It's as safe as any other handgun available.

    The only true safety is the one between your ears.
  6. FlaChef

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    Practice a safe draw and you'll be fine.
    I would suggest some lessons or a class if you're new to ccw.

    All I can say is millions of us people carry daily.
  7. armored

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    I know what your talking about. I carry a Sig P220ST daily at work. I don't really worry about a AD with the long heavy first dbl action shot. If I carried it cocked in SA mode I would be worried.
    I bought my M9A1 for IDPA shooting but have been debating carring it at work on occasion,maybe on the days I drive. The Kydex holster and Uncle Mike mag holder does not offer the best set-up for work.
    I polished the fireing pin and other trigger parts and now have a GREAT clean light trigger,light enough where it does worry me. with little or no creep, and the short stroke it scares me a bit. I almost wish it did have a saftey. For IDPA its fine,but in a REAL situation I'm not sure I could get my finger OFF or away from the trigger.

    I think the more I shoot it at IDPA events, and the more I feel confident with it, the more likly I will be to erase these fears.

    My first IDPA shoot I droped it on the ground when I drew it from the holster.
    At least I know it won't fire when droped!
  8. I'm a safety nut...always have been and while I miss the manual safety on the original M with my A1 I still think it is very safe to carry with one in the chamber. Yes, I like my M40s manual safety...never had it break and I've put thousands of rounds through it.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    The Steyr safety is the best designed I have seen on a handgun. It is easy to disengage. And if you have the right length or width of trigger finger you can swipe off the safety during the trigger pull. So use the safety and rest easy.