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Needle in a haystack...

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Ok, I'm having the worst time ever trying to find some parts for my M40. I found a couple email links in the forums but none of the emails I've sent have been returned. I currently have a broken drop safety and a barrell that bulges cases. Does anybody know where I can get factory parts State-side?
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Have you tried [email protected] ? Let him know you are having a problem with the pistol-- they may have you send it in for repairs. Several members have had extensive repairs at no cost.
look around for the contact info for steyrarms its stickied in some section

which caliber barrel? firing slightly out of battery?
Just call the number listed in the sticky under the "industry news"
I already sent that guy an email and it didn't generate a reply. I'll try the phone number referenced in industry news.

As for the case bulging, I fired about 200 rounds after I noticed the first bulged case and all of them were bulged in some form. I tried one box each of Winchester range ammo, S&B, Federal Tactical and a box of Speer Lawman. All of the loads were ~180 grain standard pressure loads and all produced similar results. I paid very close attention on those last 200 rounds and if I was out of battery when I fired those test rounds them I'm also a Chinese jet pilot. :eek:
LOL...Just got a reply from Jack... he reffered me to another guy but I'm on the right track. I'l post my results when I get some resolution. Thanks guys!
I've fired some stuff over the years and bulged cases mean one of these in my experience:
High pressure rounds (usually milsurp),you have the answer for this one.
The timing is off;the bolt is cycling rearward too soon,accuracy and velocity are good indicators of this. Check springs,rods,etc. I have an M1 I built with a short barrel. Extra power springs cycle too fast to strip rounds from the clip but extract perfectly.
The chamber is too large;again milsurp related,gun has been shot out,rebarrled/rebored. The rounds fit the chamber,but when fired there is too much space around the case and it bulges. If the gun cycles properly in this case the brass will get stuck in the chamber. If the cycle is off it will extract case and the brass will bulge. YMMV
Ok I'll explain and clarify a bit more... The bulging appears to be consistent but as I'm at work I don't have any brass on me to tell the exact positioning. I'll make a note of the positioning when i get home and update accordingly. I shoot anywhere between 1200 and 1500 rounds every month at various events and practice sessions here in Indianapolis. I regularly check my brass for a number of common flaws and malfunctions. In my experience there's no better test of your weapon's performance and consistency that you can run from behind it as long as you can read the flaws in the brass and figure out what caused said flaws. This is the first problem I've ever had with my Steyr so naturally I came here first with my questions. As for the ammo I've never used any mil spec surplus stuff. Until my malfunctions started I used S&B exclusively. The first thing I noticed is that I hung a case in the chamber which had never happened before. When I clean my weapon I break it down to nuts and bolts including the extractor so I know it wasn't dirty. When I pulled the case out I felt grit grinding between the case and the chamber. I looked at the brass and noticed that there was significant scoring from exhaust gases that vented back through the chamber and aroud the brass. This was also not normal. At that point I began checking some of the brass I'd fired previously more closely and I noticed that not only were the cases scored they were also bulged. I fired another 200 rounds as described earlier and all the ammo produced the same results. I also noticed that night as I was cleaning that my drop safety had cracked as well although I have no idea how the two failures would be related in any way. BTW... I DID by the weapon used but I know the guy I bought it from and he had it in the bottom of his safe. He said he put a box of ammo through it and it kept jamming on him. I asked him more about the jam and he said it stovepiped every other round. I bought it from him for $200 with 5 magazines and in pristine condition. Turns out he was just limpwristing it...
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sounds like your chamber is loose.

send it in and steyr will take care of you. they've been very helpful lately, and i'm sure that they will want to keep you happy.
Ok first things first... I inspected the brass last night and the bulge is at about 4 o'clock if the LCI dent is at noon. I've also made arrangements with Steyr to send my M40 in to them. I'll post updates as I get them.
Ok, So I sent off my M40 last week on the 17th. I got an automated call last night from UPS telling me to expect a package that would require a photo I.D. Is that some kind of turn around time or what? I'm fully impressed with Steyr's service. I couldn't be happier unless they put a "Half off the purchase of any AUG" coupon in the box?... :D
HI M40 - just read your initial post. I too have a broken drop safety...see my post "M40 - Bad Egg???". Did yours have a 2-3 mm piece break off like mine did? I ask in order to find out if this is a common problem. I did send mine into Steyr Arms today so I hope we both have positive outcomes.....
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