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Need Steyr M9-A1 holster and mags.

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Ordered a Steyr 9mm M-A1 pistol and should have it in a couple of weeks :D I would like to try it for IPSC so will need some magazines and a holster. So I would appreciate if you guys can help me with a few questions.

Who makes holsters for Steyr? I heard that Galco, Safariland and Blade tech do, anyone else? Are there any generic once that fit the gun well?

I don’t really like plastic holster and leather tend to be too expensive, so a nylon would be fine, but will consider any.

Now, I live in Canada and my Steyr will have a 4.17in barrel, so it will stick out just a little. Will this limit my selection? :?

Are there aftermarket 9mm mags for Steyr? BTW does the M and newer M-A1 models use the same magazines?

Also where is the best place to get 10round 9mm magazines?

thanks :)
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thanks guys

So does the M-A1 model use the same magazines as the older M model?

also I need an holster I can use in IPSC, will Blue Leather holsters be OK? btw I think I will go with a one w/out the strap.
I just ordered 4 mags from a seller on Ebay. I contacted him direct and asked about buying 4 mags direct from him. I bought 4 M9 10rd factory mags new for $40.00 including S&H. His Email is http://[email protected]
www in front is the typo right? so is it jcampbell1234(at)

I emailed that address a couple days ago but didin't get a reply yet...was wondering if the email addy was wrong :?
thanks no wonder I didin't get a reply :lol:
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