need parts number for the new extractor

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  1. Gray_Wolf

    Gray_Wolf New Member

    Hi guys :)

    The gun store that sold me the Steyr will order the new extractor for me (for free) :). The store owner asked me if I know the parts number I said no... I was wondering if the part number in the manual (for old extractor) will apply to the new extractor or will there be a new number assigned?

    Steyr changes the pin and the spring not just the extractor, so I'll need all three parts right?

    BTW I'm assuming the extractors are different on the M9 and M40?

  2. FlaChef

    FlaChef Guest

    don't know if the new part number is the same or not.
    but traditionly it was all the same extracor assembly (all three parts in a little baggy) for M or S 9, 40, or 357.

  3. armored

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    My M9A1 came back from Steyr last week(one week turnaround) with the new assembly. I tried it at a IDPA match on Saturday and found the Pistol ran GREAT!
    Now I will start feeding it ammo it didn't work well with, UMC.

    I would by- pass the dealer and call Steyr direct. Talk to Jeff the gunsmith.
  4. Wulf

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    Hiya Chef :)

    Ya don't reckon the parts are all interchangeable, do ya? 8-O I wouldn't think so. <shrug> Maybe for the 40SW/357 SIG's, but the 9MM cartridge is quite a bit smaller. Hmmm... Was it the 9MM's that were so worrysome? ... Maybe a spatterin' of 40 SW's? Whataya think?

  5. FlaChef

    FlaChef Guest

    yes it is the same parts
  6. bigtaco

    bigtaco Active Member

    i think that was why the first m9s had such extraction grief.