Need info for the Steyr HS 50

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by Erin, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Erin

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    My father and I are new to owning a 50 cal rifle, and we are in the process of purchasing a nightforce scope. What we need info on is the grouping of the steyr HS 50 at a 1000 yds? Also if the grouping was made by factory ammo or handloads? Please can someone give us some details about my questions.[/b]
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    I'm not qualified to provide detailed answers to your question. You may want to try the forum at to connect with other .50 cal shooters and find out what they do for best results in their matches.

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    Steyr HS50

    Best advice is to join the great folks at - they can answer just about any question you might have !!!

    Biggest problem that I've had is finding a 1000 yd range !!! Most factory ammo shoots good from my Steyr HS50 BUT custom reloads will result in best groups.

    Night Force is great scope for your 50 - I use the military 16x Leupold Mk IV.