Need help deciding. Have to buy a pistol this week!!!!

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Xringfighter, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Xringfighter

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    I have always carried Glocks in one form or another. I like their aftermarket and their performance. I recently sold My G22 to buy an FN TPS 12ga. Work has made in policy that we carry while on the range. All I have left is my G26 and I don't want to use that. I have an opportunity to buy a used G22 in nearly new shape or a new M40-A1 for an identical price.

    What would you do?

    What are some of the cons of the M series?

    Can I convert my M40 to 9mm?

    Please help! :wall:
  2. vinipink

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    I would buy the new M40 versus the use glock . But the final decision is yours.

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  3. Shooter

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    Because you already have a G26, and you are familiar with the Glock trigger/platform, I would stick with the G23. Aftermarket abounds for Glocks. You will be limited with the Steyr and well, I still like the Glock trigger better and the reliability speaks for itself. Of course I'd buy both :doh:
  4. Netfotoj

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    You cannot convert an M40 to 9mm unless you have a replacement slide/barrel. A few were available and sold out quickly when they surfaced recently at CDNN dealer. Steyr could make some more available, but there's no guarantee when or if that will ever happen.

    As you can imagine, most of us here think Steyr is superior to Glock, but if you can shoot both side by side and try them out, go with the one you feel fits your hand/style the best. :mrgreen:
  5. nixon

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    I will be bias and encourage you to buy the M40-A1. If you want to convert to 357 sig, all you need is a drop in barrel and you are ready to go. And if you want a dedicated mags, you can get a 357 marked ones or use your existing 40 mags.
  6. babj615

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    Currently, the price of a new 'drop-in' barrel to convert an M40-A1 to 9mm would be almost identical to the price of an ENTIRE M9-A1 from CDNN....

    ...And the M9-A1 from CDNN even comes with 9mm magazines!!!!

    :stupid: :stupid: