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need advise!

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I am brand new to this forum, and also new to auto pistols. I purchased an S40 last summer, and have put ca. 600 rnds through it. today the flage on the sring guide rod broke. Is this a normal occurance for only 600 rounds? This doesn't seem to reliable to me. I have only shot winchester target loads in the gun. It also does not seem to shoot to accurate. From a bench I can only get about 8 - 10 inch groups at 15 - 20 yds. I realize it isn't like my 7 1/2" barreled revolver, but I expected better than this. Any suggestions? :cry:
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Thank you for the replies, they have been helpful. It would take me a long time to figure out how to post a picture, but I will work on it. It looks basically like the picture that Ripped posted, with the flange broke off on one side, but a bit worse than his picture shows. I did notice that his pin shows no wear on the end of it, and mine does. This could be an indication of something wrong also, especially if his pin has had 2-3K shots through it!
As far as groups goes, I will try some better ammo when I am back shooting again. What grain bullet seems to shoot best in the .40? I will also try to find someone local who shoots cometition and can tell me if there is something wrong as far as accuracy goes or if I'm just lousy with this pistol.
Thanks again, and I'll post results later.
Thanks again. I have tried some blazer 180 gr. bullets that did shoot better than the cheap winchester, but if I'm going to shoot much at all, I will have to reload. Autos are a lot trickier to reload for from what I understand, and it is nice to have suggestions for a starting point. I'll try some 165 gr. bullets.
Bigtaco, it more about cost than accuracy. I figure I can load for about 8-10 cents per round. Even the cheapy stuff is 16+ cents per round. I'll have to shoot a lot to get any good with this pistol, so cost will be a big issue. as I see it, it will be fun practicing, and close up, if I ever had to defend myself, accuracy wouldn't be that big of a problem, and being quick and familiar with the gun would be. I wouldn't need a 1 inch group.
Has anyone had experience loading and shooting the copper plated bullets? They are cheap, but I wonder what kind of accuracy they will give. I have heard both ways on this, and would like to hear from as many people as I can.
On another note, I took my pistol to the place I purchased it today, and he told me he would cover it. He said I could pick it up next monday, and I will have a new part or a new gun. In case anyone wants to know, it is Sam's gunshop in Pocatello, Id. I bought the pistol about a year ago, and paid about $340.00 new. He is great to work with. He is basically a retired guy that just likes guns, so he opened a shop.
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Great idea! I'll check the airsoft guns out. That could help out with the flinch I notice occasionally.
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