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to me the g19 is VERY similar to the m9. just not as nice

g30 is neat cause it's small and a .45 but... check out the muzzle velocity of a 230 gr. .45 coming out of a short barrel. it's not too good. so you start throwing lighter bullets to get velocity and soon realize what .40 s&w is all about. i also find the g30 to be pretty wide for shooting but also for lugging around all day.

but maybe that's exactly why you should buy one; so you've got something for every occasion.

another look for a small .45 auto is the taurus pt145. i know, i know, it's taurus and that name doesn't scream "awesome pistol" but, you get ten +1 .45acp in something that is smaller than an s series steyr. it doesn't kick nearly as bad as the glock and is reasonably accurate. the down side is the longish trigger pull, but you said something about a kahr so... maybe try the new kahr baby .45.

but then you seem dead set on a glock. wander to dark side you must.

buy 'em both, then sell the one you don't like!!!

just don't ignore your steyr, they're very needy and get lonely if not handled often!!
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