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Need a recommendation from the forum: The Dark Side

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I know a lot of the folks here have either had Glocks before, still have 'em and eventhough you have a Steyr, which I also have as well, an M9, I'd like to consider purchasing a Glock.

Like many others, I have an assortment of calibers, pistols, wheel guns, you name it. I came back to 9mm and thoroughly enjoy the M9 along with my Kahr PM9 DLC. I CCW both pistols.

I narrowed the Glock down to a choice of two models: the G19 and the G30.

As many of you know, the G19 is for many, the flagship of CCW and self defense for Glock pistols. The G30 is the .45ACP many.

Both pistols fit my hand well though the G19 is a little slimmer in both the slide and grip. This is a little better for gripping the pistol and CCW.

What are your recommendation? Stay with the 9mm or go to the .45ACP? Is the G19 redundency for the M9 that I have? Or is the G30 a must have for the caliber?

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences and positives and negatives. I'll be keeping this Glock for many years to come.

Thanks in advance.
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It would be nice to try before you buy, maybe the range close to where you live may have rentals.
Both pistols were fine with me at the range. I was looking for the 'classic' Glock. The G19 and G30 both have attracted my attention.
to me the g19 is VERY similar to the m9. just not as nice

g30 is neat cause it's small and a .45 but... check out the muzzle velocity of a 230 gr. .45 coming out of a short barrel. it's not too good. so you start throwing lighter bullets to get velocity and soon realize what .40 s&w is all about. i also find the g30 to be pretty wide for shooting but also for lugging around all day.

but maybe that's exactly why you should buy one; so you've got something for every occasion.

another look for a small .45 auto is the taurus pt145. i know, i know, it's taurus and that name doesn't scream "awesome pistol" but, you get ten +1 .45acp in something that is smaller than an s series steyr. it doesn't kick nearly as bad as the glock and is reasonably accurate. the down side is the longish trigger pull, but you said something about a kahr so... maybe try the new kahr baby .45.

but then you seem dead set on a glock. wander to dark side you must.

buy 'em both, then sell the one you don't like!!!

just don't ignore your steyr, they're very needy and get lonely if not handled often!!
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My M9 is usually in the Milt Sparks NLG OWB holster just behind my hip, and is my go-to pistol! Right now, it's in my bedside drawer, loaded with fifteen rounds Speer Gold Dot +P 124gr JHP's. Four- fourteen round mags, backup.

Am I not paying attention to the Steyr? :wink:

Yes, I'm looking at the Glocks. However, the M9 has been right with me for the past year-plus.
My second choice for a battle gun is a Glock.....don't worry, there great guns and I wouldn't consider that a dark side.....just changed out my connector to 3.5 on generation 2 I have a lighter trigger.....Gaston wanted his G30 to shoot really good and made his "rifling" octagonal unlike the other G's which I think is polygonal......I think my 30 shoots better then the full sized one....I'm not sure I would worry about the velocity in the shorter barrel........those 230's are slow anyway, but still work well.....and the lower pressure compared to 40's is relatively soft on recoil....

How's this for an Idea.....I think bigtaco would like this one..... :?: Get a G29, and get a conversion barrel for a 40... the heavier frame would feel pretty cool, and if you wanted to step it up, you can shoot a 10mm :!: :lol: That is my plan for my next Glock investment..............
I think that is a good project, checking out the velocity of G30 and a full size 45..........although that info is probably out there i'm sure.........
Just remember the Steyr is a jealous mistress....she'll spoil you at the range and before long you wont be able to shoot the same with a blocky Glock. Kind of like having a fling with a lingerie model then having to go back to a girlfriend who loves ya and cooks well, but aint that pretty. :wink:
Or maybe ain't the song goes "freaky" :lol:
You folks want to have a laugh. :wink:

I went to bed last night, last thoughts were 'which one should I get...G30 or G19?' I think it's safe to say, we've all been there before, eh?

I woke up and went to work. In my case, it's in my house as I've home officed here for almost twenty years.

Midway through the morning, I took a break to work on a home remodeling project. I work on this for an hour to two a day, depending on schedule.

Before I got started, I took out my vacuum to give the area a good once over. Vacuumed in a spot that for a week the drywall dust had slowly accumulated, under the covered dining room table and chairs. I started vacuuming and all of a sudden, it died.

Mind you, it's one of the classic Hoover uprights with cast iron housing, twenty years old (at least) never gave me a lick of trouble. I opened 'er up, and sure 'nough, the motor finally went caput.

OK, I need to get the remodeling finished and I'm 85% there. Go out and get a new vacuum.

Went to Costco, made a few calls...what did I get? An Oreck XL 21. What did it cost, out the door with all the godies, extras, upgrades? A little over six bills.

What's the cost of a new Glock with extra mags? DUH!

I think there's a lesson for me here. Stick with the M9 and forget a moment about the Glock. :wink:
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LMFAO, Death!

Model...cooks good.... You made my Carona come outta my nose!!! :wink:

8-O 6 BILLS FOR A WHAT :?: :?: :?: :roll:
A Glock 21......... :lol:
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