Need a load for 115 Hornady FMJ for 357 sig

Discussion in 'Ammunition and Reloading' started by spokes, Sep 28, 2006.

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    Was unpacking some of my stuff and found 500 115 grn Hornady FMJ bullets. Would like a load for AA #9 or Power Pistol. I want to fill up the case as much as I can to prevent bullet set back. Been experimenting loading the 115 with empty case. Could not beleive the setback, when I cycled the inert cartridge. Now a bit concerned.

    I hope you hear me Wulf.

    Will appreciate any info from any one who has tried this.
    PM me if you wish.

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    I would help you out Spokes, but all my loads for .357 SIG are for the 125 grainer. Those 115 Hornadys should be smokin' though. Good luck.


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    Hiya spokes :)

    Yep...Hornady...0.355" 9MM component bullets...setback issues. Been there...done that. Best bet, leave 'em for your 9MM cartridges. They got the wrong shape for the 357 SIG, IMHO. I pretty much stay away from all the Hornady 0.355"ers for the SIG. I wasted enough money tryin' to reload 'em already. If you're lookin' for a little light wt fun, try the Remington 88 gr JHP's 380 Auto bullets. They're 0.356" and when seated to the 1.140 suggested max OAL for the 357 SIG, they fit like a glove and crimp firmly without having to push the factory crimp die. One thing you may want to try is when resizing your brass, set your resizing die to barely open up the neck, and I mean just enough to allow for the seating die to seat your bullet without damaging the brass, then chamfer the neck before reloading. That'll give ya a head start dealing with some of the setback issues with this little bottleneck round. One other caution is to make sure you don't have bullet lube on any of the mating surfaces when seating the bullet, i.e. bullet, case neck, fingers... :roll: Some factory component bullets are actually made for the 357 SIG and they'll usually say so on the box. Speer makes some 125 gr GDHP's that are easy to reload and they are made for reloading the 357 SIG. 38 SPL bullets are usually cannelured perfectly for the 357 SIG COL! They are however 0.357" in diameter and if you are gonna reload using 'em, start at a safe powder charge, a little below listed starting loads in your reloading manuals. Better yet, resize 'em first! I like to use the 125 gr 357 Mag JHP bullets, but I run 'em through my Lee .356 bullet resizing die before I use 'em. And, the 110 gr 357 Mag JHP's are a blast, too, after resizing them to 0.356". Oh well, wish I could tell ya somethin' positive bout the 115 gr Hornady 0.355" ers for your 357 SIG, but I just can't. Sorry. :roll: Hava great weekend.


    Oh yeah 8-O



    Reloading is serious stuff. Be cautious and don't be an idiot. Your safety and the safety of others is subject to your judgement. And, the Steyrclub cannot be held responsible.

    Wulf <-- under his breath, "fu*Kin' laW*rs...." :wink:
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    loads for Hornady 115 FMJ

    Thanks guys.

    I will take advice about not wasting time and energy with Hornady 115
    FMJ .355.

    I do all that case prep with the sig round that wulf advised.
    Had never had trouble with bullets labeled for the sig round, will let well enough alone.

    Maybe start a project with my 10mm.