National Right-To-Carry Bill

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Netfotoj, Jan 27, 2007.

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    Just got this from NRA:

    Click on the link below to contact your Senator or Congressman and ask them to cosponsor and support S.388 and H.R. 226.
  2. Hmmm,

    I see problems for that piece of legislation. The anti-Second Amendment lobby is going to be all over that in the courts if it passes. They would have to be very careful in how they worded it to avoid intruding into the 10th Amendment police powers of the states.

    The Supreme Court has held most gun restrictions to be state issues under their 10th Amendment police powers.

    There was a case where the Liberals wanted a law making it a federal crime to have a firearm in a school zone and the Supreme Court shot that down saying that it had nothing to do with the Federal Interstate Commerce Clause that gives them most their power to regulate.

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    I'd like to make a distinction...

    I'd like to make a distinction here: those were gun-grabbers. Sure, some Liberals are gun-grabbers. But not all. I'm liberal/progressive, and am proudly RKBA, with my CCW, member of the NRA, et cetera. And I am not alone - there are a lot of us who see the value in the 2nd Amendment (along with all the others). I regularly participate on the big liberal blog Daily Kos (in fact, I am a 'trusted user' there, and have been for years), and there's a solid core of us there working to help change attitudes within the Democratic establishment. Yeah, a bunch of the old dinosaurs in the Dem party still believe that crap - but more and more, people are seeing the wisdom of supporting our gun-owning rights.

    Gun ownership and the RKBA shouldn't be a partisan issue. Making it such artificially hurts us gun owners, I believe. Getting Dems and indies to vote in support of RKBA will quickly lead to more Dem pols to follow (as many in 'purple' states do already). That happens, we all win.

  4. Haha, sorry seven.

    Liberals is just kind of in the context here to mean liberal on the Second Amendment, not other things.

    Didn't mean to offend those of you who consider yourself social progressives.

    Let me also make it clear I am not a fan of Republicans since old George Sr. there tanked our import assault rifles. Even Reagan could have used his Veto on FOPA, but nope.

    However, the Dems have those left coast and east coast loonies like Schumer and Feinstein that in my book are true enemies of every gun owner...BIG TIME. They make it like their perverted mission in life to take our firearms and to hell with what every study shows.
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    Re: I'd like to make a distinction...


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    No sweat, Minister - and I agree completely with the above. I don't usually wear my politics on my sleeve, as it were, but sometimes I come across the attitude on gun forums that if you're not a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, you're not welcome. I see that as counter-productive to the cause.

    Yesterday morning I posted a diary on dKos with links for liberal/progressive gun owners, you might enjoy taking a look. (Just be sure to shower after, or the liberal contamination might getcha. :lol: )


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    What the Feds can give in one fell swoop, they can take away in one fell swoop.