national guard overrun and forced to retreat

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MrApathy, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. MrApathy

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    no not in Afganistan or Iraq but right here in the USoA.
    Guarding the border with Mexico.

    not able to shoot back at the armed drug cartels pushing drugs across the border. not able to stop them. take fire and run for cover.
    national guard team was in that post to indentify people coming across wonder if they got that done before they bugged out.

    Tucson, Arizona news with video feed ... fault.aspx
    miss those mountains in Tucson area :cry:
    dont miss the snakes and scorpions ... E_ID=53656

    Minutemen Volunteers going to the border to make sure the National Guard doesnt get hurt and cover there behinds if they need it. wait a minute wtf isnt the National Guard supposed to be protecting us?

    welcome to the United CrackerJack boxes of America
    tax dollars hard at work

    feel sorry for those troops glad no one got hurt. whats next send the NG to the olympics as Javelin catchers
  2. Wulf

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    Dayam! 8-O

    And to think we were gonna cross the border at Nogales for the Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally this November. <shrug> Maybe we should do the Gila Bend thang, again. Come to think of it, it was much easier comin' back across. 8-O


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    This is ridiculous. We are not going to survive if we keep this up.
  4. sewerman

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    guess they decided to bug out after the way their -in -chief handled the deal with the border patrol . disgraceful!!! :oops:
    should we send them candy bars or salems?