National Committee to Horsewhip John Murtha

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    Uncle Jimbo at has formed a new PAC.

    The National Committee to Horsewhip John Murtha

    As Wulf might say, "Dayam, Uncle Jimbo, why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel?"
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    John Murtha: Caving in to Arabs Since 1980

    Ann Coulter gives the low-down dirty details about Congressman John “Slow Bleed” Murtha’s shady past as an un-indicted co-conspirator in Abscam.

    Read the whole story:

    I would have previewed more, but the quotes from Congressman Murtha in Ann's report on what he said on tape to the FBI would all turn in asterisks here. Don't read it out loud within hearing of the young 'uns at home.

  3. Murtha is like the crazy old great grandfather that says the most weird things at dinner that cause everyone to have conversations after dinner about how bad off "gramps" is and "what are we going to do about him?"

    Only this guy is an elected official with serious pull in our new Congress. Scary times we are living in.

    I think we're about too see a return to the Clinton days when terrorist were allowed to roam free while gun owners were treated like enemies of the state.
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    Murtha and alot of politicians need to go regardless of Democrat or Republican.,1442, ... 43,00.html

    Nichols says bombing was FBI op

    after ruby ridge and waco
    FBI and ATF were taking a pounding in the media.
    ATF was almost canned.
    then Oklahoma city bombing happened and then right wing groups got blamed all around. then we saw the FBI and ATF make a resurgence.

    this government in the USA is not what the founding fathers created. government should be open source no secrets or hidden agenda's.

    this country has secrets going back 50+ years
    nothing has changed with numerous elections
    no presidential administration has come in and wiped out a bunch of presidential executive orders that there electing base would like done.

    supposedly Sandy Berger was steeling Able Danger documents
    6 months before 9/11/01 was a pilot episode of X Files spinoff show call The LoneGunmen where a jet is flown into the World Trade Center Towers by some people in the government. check out operation NorthWoods an old military plan to generate public support for war

    the American people are not being told the truth in fact its being covered up in the name of national security and deemed we cant handle the truth.

    infamous pulling building 7 at the trade center.
    the owner of the building admits it ... building+7

    sorry bout the rant the politicizing is a bad act and distraction.
    neither party is increasing security or liberty just creating a nightmarish centralized government with
    broad powers with selective enforcement of laws.

    for some interesting reading look into the Howard Hughes and Watergate connection.
    Large numbers of people in both Isles bought and pocketed then both groups in the pocket went to war against each other trying to collect evidence of such to use against the other.
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    Where do I donate and sign up.W :evil: ill we allowed to kick him in the ass if we see him?