Myth Busters : Can water protect you from being shot?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Integraholic, Sep 3, 2005.

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    I saw this one tonight, but dont know if it was a repeat. They tested the myth that you can protect yourself from being shot by diving down into the water. Tested a 9mm pistol, a pump shotty with a slug, an M1 garand, a small rifle firing a .223, a muzzle loader, and a Barrett .50. The 9mm shot the ballistics gell down to about 8 feet. At 8 feet, it didn't fatally wound. The shotgun blasted the ballistics gel and destroyed their mock up tank. They then went on to a swimming pool and a slanted angle shot. Tested the .223 and at 3 feet under water, it didn't fatally wound. The round disintegrated. Same with the M1 garand. The muzzle loader didn't do too well either. And finally the .50 cal was fired, which kinda excited me. But to my astonishment, 14 inches into the water, the round disintegrated. You can literally be shot at 3 feet underwater at close range by a .50 cal sniper rifle and not be harmed. I'm guessing the higher velocities do more damage to the round because of the harder impact. Like if you fell 2 feet and hit the water, it wouldn't hurt, but if you jump out of an airplane and hit the water, it's like hitting cement. If any of you happen to catch this episode on, watch it.

    Edit: It's Myth Busters episode 34.
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    It was a repeat, but it is one of the best episodes they have done. even though it had a bit of a liberal spin on the .50

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    I love Mythbusters but have been unable to catch this episode. It kind of irritates me because I have some thoughts on the matter, but would really like to see exactly how they they performed their tests.

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    They shot at an angle and found that NOTHING would go beyond 3' however straight down is another story. The 9mm would go thru ballistic gel at 8' and the shotgun slug blew up their equipment/test box. I found it interesting but nothing that I would be too concerned about. Looked to be fun though especially the 50 BMG.