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Found this on another forum:

Jamie: Well folks, we are here today to look at the urban myth that guns kill people. According the myth, guns have been killing people for hundreds of years. There are others though who claim that guns do not kill people, and today we are going to put this myth to the test.
Adam: For our test we have constructed a room out of bullet proof glass. There is a metal table to place the gun on, and we have suspended a heavy sandbag from the ceiling on a pulley to hold the gun down until we can safely leave the room. We are going to place buster in the room w/ the gun and see if any of the shots would be life threatening.
Jamie: Ok, here we go. I am placing the gun on the table and lowering the sandbag. I am now backing slowly out of the room and locking the door. Ok Adam, lift the sandbag.
Adam: OK, Jamie here it goes (Adam lifts the sandbag).
10 min later.
Jamie: Well Adam, it’s been 10 min and so far nothing has happened. Not only has the gun not even hit Buster, but it hasn’t fired a single shot.
Adam: Well Jamie, I thought something like this might happen. You are using a hunting rifle, and from what I understand, it is less likely to shoot a person as it is primarily for hunting animals.
Jamie: And seeing as Buster is human shaped, it is not shooting him!
Adam: That is correct Jamie. Since I was expecting this, I went out last week and bought an AK-47 assault rifle to test. These seem to be very aggressive and should give us the result we are looking for. Just to be sure it was good and mad for the test, I have locked it in a case, kicked it several times a day, and forced it to listen to RAP music (I threw in some Barry Manelow every now and then to get it really riled up).
Jamie: Are you sure that is wise Adam? We don’t want anyone to be injured.
Adam: Jamie, I have everything under control. The gun is still locked in the case and I will have an assistant to help me place it on the table. We will also be using a bigger sandbag this time. So, let’s do it.
Adam and an assistant enter the room. They unlock the case; both of them grab the gun and place the AK-47 on the table as the sandbag is lowered onto it. They both slowly leave the room and lock the door.
Adam: Ok Jamie, I think we are ready to raise the sandbag.
Jamie: Here we go, I’m raising the sandbag.
10 Min later
Adam: Well Jamie, I amazed at this. I thought we would have better results with this gun. Not only has it not hit Buster, but it has not even moved.
Jamie: It’s like it doesn’t even care that he is there. Maybe if Buster moved or something.
Adam: I’m not sure if that would even work Jamie. I am thinking that these guns just don’t really care about shooting people at all, and to prove it once and for all, I am going in there myself.
Adam runs into the room and in front of the gun.
Jamie: Stop Adam, you’ll be killed.
Adam: See Jamie, I told you. Even after all I did to this gun this week; it still doesn’t want to hurt me. I think this myth is “Busted”
Jamie: I agree, this myth is “Busted”. Stay tuned next week when we tackle the myth that spoons made Rosy O’Donnell fat.
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