My Steyr trigger is consistently inconsistent....Help please

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Jun 13, 2005.

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    Ive only got 300 rounds of reloads through my nice M9 with no problems at all. However the trigger is consistently inconsistent and effecting my aim on a gun I already know is accurate. Light one shot. hard the next, harder the next, some times gritty, sometimes light and slick. Will this smooth out? The gun is a 2002 make so I assume it is the lighter trigger. I read people bragging about the smooth trigger on thier Steyr , but not for me. Help, please.
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    Mine was the same way. I took apart the trigger group and cleaned everything. This made a HUGE difference. There were all kinds of nasty things in there. Now it's like butta'...

    The trigger group removal tutorial is here: Cheggit


  3. I 2nd that!

    Clean that triger group up and you'll be back on the path of silky Steyr shooting satisfaction.

    Safe Shooting.
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    My Steyr triggers have some variation also but doesn't sound as bad as yours. Sometimes it breaks very cleam sometimes there is some creep before it breaks. When it creeps, the actual let off weight sometimes is higher. I've measured the trigger pull with a Lyman digital trigger pull gauge and the pull ranged between 6 to 8.5 pounds. I've tried disassembly, cleaning, polishing, deburring, lubricating, not lubricating, tweeking the springs and everything else I can think off. No luck so far. Haven't figured out exactly what is causing the creep. Cleaning the factory lube from the catch and lever didn't help or hurt in my case but you might get lucky. The variation happens on all 3 of my Steyrs. M9 breaks clean most of the time (70%). M357 breaks clean half of the time but has a lighter trigger pull. S9 creeps most of the time (80%) but the pull weight doesn't vary as much.

    This variation is there and it bugs me when I dry fire and I would like to get rid of it but it is slight and doesn't really bother my shooting much. It is still much better than an out of the box Glock or XD trigger. Unfortunately Steyr does not have the after market support in terms of parts or service to improve their triggers if you don't get a good one out of the box.

    I would love to be able to figure out what causes the creep and how I can lighten the trigger pull significantly. Getting very familiar with disassembly and reassembly of the FCG. IDPA Steyr indicated awhile back he was working on a project to lighten the trigger pull. I hope he figures it out quick.

    Sorry I couldn't help. Good luck with your trigger.
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    Wanted to ask you this, before I made an own thread about what I've experienced..

    Does the trigger sometimes not fully reset? As in, you dry fire, hold the trigger, rack the slide, then slowly release until it resets. Only for it to not reset until you let it go fully or even give it a slight push past that... I've been having a similar problem (I think I have it solved), which I think was caused by the gun lock.
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    Ivsocom, Flinch here. I have had no problems with the trigger as you described. The gun has been 100% in all areas. I now have 500 rounds through it , all reloads, and the trigger is still doing what I previously described. it is causing me to occasionally pull a shot off target.

    I must say that my Glock 17 has a better trigger, because it is consistant shot to shot and I know what to expect.
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    My M40 has the same inconsistant trigger. it is a small thing on mine and not bad. I don't notice it at all except fore dry fire.

    I had several Glock's and they all also had the same thing to varying degrees.

    I don't think it is abnormal.
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    I had not seen the trigger maintenance tutorial...that's very good info to have and maybe should be stickied???

    Has anyone ever soaked the trigger assembly in solvent, then lubricated it? I just woner if this makes any kind of difference.
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    On my M40, you really have to remove the stricker catch from the sub-frame to clean it out well enough to get the trigger as good and consistent as it can be, especially if it is the first time. That factory oil sat in there in a 110+ degree warehouse for a couple years, and is now baked into the small engagement surfaces on the striker catch. Pull out the catch and go at it with some solvent and a bunch of q-tips, and keep at it until it's totally clean, it is still wicked hard to get all of the gunk out of that part. Once it's spotless (best to do this under very bright light or use a surefire to see all the gunk), put it back in and oil it and the lever lightly with Gunbutter or some other quality oil. You will think you have a whole new trigger.

  10. So far I haven't noticed any creep or inconsistent pull in my Steyr and I've pulled that trigger more time then I care to count. I'm knocking on wood it stays that way thanks to no serivce from Steyr lately.

    Hate to hear my Steyr bros having troubles with no support! Steyr better get off its rear end soon and get busy.

    Safe Shooting