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My Steyr family

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Here are some pictures of my M40 hard chromed from Tripp Research. I also have an M9, but it's not hard chromed, so it gets no love...actually I couldn't find it and I wanted to take pictures ASAP.

Steyr SBS tactical with Mcmillan A3 stock. Scope is a Nikon 2.5x10 Mildot scope. I spoke to Jack from Steyr yesterday and he said he only thinks there are 500 of these rifles in the country. Most of the SBS rifles came with the Steyr stock versus the Mcmillan.

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nice collection

think I may need to send some slides and mags into tripp for chroming.

your chrome job looks pretty matte which I like

what cal is the SBS?
I have wanted hard chrome on a pistol for years, so I finally sent it in...seems that Tripp is charging a little more, but still very reasonsable. I thought the HC would be more shiny as well, but it was a dull finish. I like that it is not too shiny. I had a concern when I received the slide back because it looked as if the top of the slide was not evenly hard chromed...Virgil wanted me to ship it back, so he could inspect it, but I didn't want to spend anymore time and money on it, so I kept it...he assured me it should be alright. I just need to order PT sights...I should be alright with them because my HK USP45c has the same night sights.

The SBS is 308...I bought it from a guy that only shot 27 rounds through it...came with 3 Steyr mags, which we all know are not cheap. This is the first rifle that I have owned with a Mcmillan stock...I handled some, but never owned one...there is a reason why these stocks are $700. The rifle has a picatinny rail underneath and an unusual swivel stud mounted as well. I put my harris with pic rail from an AR15.
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