My shooting... me or the gun?

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by SsevenN, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Hi guys, I took my new M9-A1 out the previous weekend and put 300 rounds through it. While the groups were tight enough for my taste, they seemed to lean heavy to the left outside of 15 yrds.... I took my USP .40 out later that day and shot groups that were slightly more spread... but definatly in the center of mass....Is this me or the gun? does anyone have suggestions?
    thanks in advance to the response....
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    This is just opinion and personal observation so take it for what you will...

    I have similiar issues but it does not stay contant with me. What I mean by this is if I go real slow and concentrate, I get dead center and I mean dead center. Where I seem to experience what you have mentioned is when I am less focused. Follow me...

    Focused - I aim slow, I look at my sights and I line them up, look at that target and shoot.
    Not Focused (I do most of my shooting this way as it is said in fight or flight you will be soley focused on the target and I want to make sure if I am ever in this situation that my natural shooting will be sufficient to...."Git'er dun!!") - I look through (not focusing) the sights to the target keeping only the target in focus

    The reason I mention all of this is because there is so much slop in the sight (which is a good thing for COMBAT sight-quick aquisition) that I may be a little skewed to the left or right or up or down.

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    At least in my experience, trigger control has a whole lot to do with where your shots land. If you've got the sights lined up perfectly and you jerk the trigger, the shot will tend to go right and maybe down a bit if you're a lefty like me, or left and down if right-handed.

    I know a lot of real big-shot pistoleros, like Massad Ayoob for one, advocate putting the center of the trigger in the "distal joint" which is the crease between the pad on the end of the trigger finger and the second joint. Mas favors a New York trigger module on his Glocks, which is about 8 lbs. so he's wanting more leverage. When I do that, I invariably shoot to the right and low. For me, it seems to be much more accurate to center the pad on the center of the trigger and then squeeze, not jerk the trigger.

    I also like a lighter trigger, about 4 lbs. is perfect for me, which is what my G29 and Llama .45 both have. I've got a custom CZ75 SP01 with a 2.5-lb. SA trigger and every time I shoot it, it surprises me with a "boom" or two when I really didn't intend to shoot just yet. After a bit I get the hang of it, but then when I go back to my M357-A1 it feels like a 10-lb. trigger until I get used to it again. My M357-A1 and M9-A1 both weigh in at 5.6 lbs. which I think it just about perfect for a carry piece. Don't want any surprise discharges if you find yourself in a shoot or be shot situation. That's why I carry my M357-A1. :mrgreen:
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    Draw a pencil mark on your rear sight and slide, then tap the sight with a BRASS drift punch to separate the mark. Try again at 15 and at 7. If it's fine, you are shooting correctly. If not, it's you.

    Or load a few clips with live ammo and a few dummy rounds, so that you don't know when the dummies come. You'll find out when you get the CLICK if you are jerking. Don't be embarrassed, happens to everyone.
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    Its probably you more then the gun........but if the trigger on the m9 is a little stiffer then the 40, you could be "tugging" just a bit more causing a jerking the trigger thing......those sites are in pretty tight. If you have someone else that can shoot it to see if it groups the same? I wouldn't touch the sites until you established for sure that it isn't you doing it.........
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    Not to hijack the thread, but I just got back from the first range trip with my new M9-A1, and I'm having some aiming issues as well. The girlfriend did well aiming as the sights were designed, with the front triangle nestled in between the rear trap lines, but when I tried to sight that way I would shoot too low. I found if I had the front sight higher, completing the top of the "pyramid" I was much closer to the desired hight. any ideas? I seem to have issues with eye dominance as well, when trying to shoot with both eyes open. thanks!
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    have someone [your GF] mix a few dummy rounds into your magazines the next time out.....

    Then shoot it again......

    ...See if your problem shows up!!!!